Cosmetic Launch Roundup: October 25-31, 2020

Halloween is on Saturday and the beauty industry is on an interesting line; there are some Halloween launches but some brands looked ahead to the winter months and holidays with theirs.

Zoeva Cosmetics prepared to keep lips dazzling and hydrated through the cold months with the Powerful Lip Shines. The new lip collection features 10 radiant shades: Walk With Me (nude mauve), Laugh With Me (pink nude), Explore With Me (peachy nude), Share With Me (rosy nude), Dance With Me (cherry rose), Shine With Me (pearl pink), Dream With Me (light pink duochrome), Celebrate With Me (shimmery terracotta), Party With Me (shimmery coral pink), Sing With Me (shimmery plum). Each shade is $16 on Zoeva’s site.

Glamlite introduced the new addition to the Glamlite 2 Go line. The Burger Slider palette is the miniature version of the popular Burger palette and comes with 9 shades (4 shimmer and 5 matte), all for $22. You can purchase your Burger Slider on Glamlite’s website.

Black Radiance expanded its complexion products even more this week with the Color Perfect Glow Sticks. The moisturizing sticks are both blushes and highlighters. There are 3 blush shades (Blush Up, Blush Hour, Never Too Blush) and 3 highlights (Double Take, Turn Heads, Stop Traffic). Each Stick costs $4.59 on BR’s site and are also sold in Walgreens.

Mamacita Cosmetics released a special palette for Halloween and Dia de los Muertos (day of the dead). The Hasta La Muerte palette ($25) screams fall season with stellar artwork and a 15 shade color story. The palette is sold online.

Juvia’s Place released Wahala 2 collection after the success of the first palette. The collection includes the 30-pan Wahala 2 palette ($38), 1 Mini Gloss (Petty Betty; $10), and 1 Mini Liquid Lipstick (Shakara; $10). All three items are sold on Juvia’s site.

Colourpop drew inspiration from the Renaissance and florals to give us the Dark Blooms collection. The expansive collection features 3 eyeshadow palettes (Baroque, Grandeur, and Ornate; $14 each), 3 Lux Glosses (Renaissance, Panache, Lust; $8 each or $15 duos), 3 Lux Velvet liquid lipstick (Ingenue, Fatale, L’auberge; $8 each), and 3 Pressed Blushes (Vogue, Chaise, Palatial; $10 each). As usual, the full collection ($110) is available and all products are sold on Colourpop’s site and at Ulta.

Kimchi Chic Beauty expanded its Thailor Collection line with the addition of the Pearl Gone Wild highlighter. The pearly white shade is stunning on fair to light skin tones and fits in well with the other shades in the Thailor Collection. Pearl Gone Wild retails for $20 on Kimchi Chic’s site.

Lurella Cosmetics gave us spooky realness with the Afterlife and Rebirth palettes. The two palettes feature similar color stories but the packaging differs; Afterlife features a black coffin while Rebirth has a white coffin. Each palette is $13 on Lurella’s site.

Ccolor Cosmetics released a new dupe with the Cherry 2 palette. Cherry 2 is a dupe of Dominique Cosmetics’ Berries N’ Cream palette ($44). Cherry 2 retails for $10 on Ccolor’s website.

Loca Lashes Cosmetics released a fiery collection perfect for fall. The Loca Por Vida collection includes the eyeshadow palette ($25), a lash style ($9.99), and a lip product ($8.99). There is a bundle option ($40) which includes the palette, lash style, lippie, pair of socks. You can find everything on the brand’s site.

Tell me your favorite launch/launches in the comments and be sure you are following both the blog and my social media (links in the sidebar). Roundups are done weekly plus other beauty content you don’t want to miss.

Photo Credits:

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