Welcome to the Fam, Canelita!

After sneak peeks and a couple of months of anticipation, Canelita Cosmetics officially launched on September 1st. The indie brand has a full assortment of super affordable and beautiful products for us to enjoy. The sister brand of Serpent Beauty, Canelita has lashes, lip glosses, lip scrubs, glitters, water-activated liners, jewelry, accessories, and bundles.

*Brand logo belongs to Canelita Cosmetics*

Starting with the lip glosses. There are 16 glosses, divided into three flavors/scents. The glosses range from “fruity” (Cherry Limon, Pina, Naranja, Granada), “candy” (Choco berry, Dulce de Leche, Horchata, Fresas y Crema, Paleta Payaso), or “agua frescas” (Tamarindo, Canela, Limonada, Mango Chamoy, Banderita, Duvalin, El Ponche). Each gloss is $5 and there are bundles called Jarrito Lipgloss Sets that give you 4 random lip glosses for $15.

There are 10 flavored lip scrubs, $2 each. The flavors are Tropical Punch, Mango Chamoy, Pineapple, Lime, Dulce de Leche, Tamarindo, Horchata, Cherry Limon, Fresa, and Pomegranate.

Lash styles from Canelita are stunning and rival its sister brand. There are currently 10 strip lash styles, 3 lash sets, and a Jarrito Lash Bundle. With the strip lashes, each style costs $7. The lash names are: Yesenia, Jazmine, Judy, Giselle, Jovan, Araceli, Maria, Melissa, Jessica, and Gitana.

The lash sets are named after cities in California. Long Beach, Compton, and Inglewood have three lash styles in them. Each set is $15. Lastly, the Jarrito Lash Bundle contains 1 lip gloss, 1 pair of lashes, 1 scrunchie, 1 lash applicator, and 1 pair of butterfly clips, all for $20.

Water-activated liners have been a major trend and the brand offers its own rendition. The Neon Pastel Liners are available individually ($3.50 each) or as a bundle ($15). The five shades are yellow, pink, purple, blue, and green.

Glitters are aplenty with gel glitters, chunky glitters, and small fine glitter bundles. The Gel Glitters come in 11 shades (white, magenta pink, bright pink, bright yellow, gold, bright green, emerald green, bright blue, deep blue, purple, and orange), each shade costing $3.

The chunky glitters come in 4 sets with 6 glitters each: The Basics, Fuego, Serena, and Dulce. These bundles are $12.

The fine glitter bundles come in sets of 4 and there are 6 themed bundles ($6 each). La Nina Fresa (reds), La Barbie (pinks), Mango Lucas (orange and bronze), Lucky (green), Fairy (purple and blue), and Midnight (silver and black).

There are lots of accessories as well. From hoop earrings ($7 each) to anklets ($5 each) to earrings ($10) and necklaces (from $12-20 depending on style). Scrunchie bundles are sorted into color themes (9 colors, $4 each). Rainbow cosmetic bags ($7) and multicolored Butterfly Clips ($2 for 7 pieces, $4 for 14 pieces) round out the accessories.

Last but certainly not least are the body shimmer mists called Agua Fresca. There are 6 colors (Blush Pink, Bronze Orange, Golden Yellow, Lime Green, Ocean Blue, Lavender) for $5 each, or grab all six for $15.

I am so excited that Canelita Cosmetics is finally here. Jesenia did a fantastic job, not only with the products but with the presentation of the brand. She diversified the products in this brand from Serpent Beauty and I can’t wait to see what else Canelita will have in the future.

What do you think of this brand and/or the products? Get opinionated in the comments and be sure to check out Canelita’s site and their Instagram. Also click the follow button so you don’t miss any indie brand launches, reviews, etc. I’m also on social media so click those links in the sidebar to follow along.

Photos belong to Canelita Cosmetics

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