Dupe It Up: Ccolor Cosmetics edition (Updated)

So many people have asked me to update the dupe posts so here we go! The Ccolor Cosmetics post received so much love (literally 1500+ views) so I had to start with the favorite. If you want to compare the update to the original post, you can but fair warning, the brand has stayed busy and there are so many more products in this article.

*I just updated the list for the 2021 releases! You can read it here.

Birthday Wish $10 Kat Von D 10-Year Anniversary $52
Blue Sky $10 Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blue Blood $52
Nightfall $12 Huda Beauty Rose Gold $65
Sundown $12 Huda Beauty Desert Dusk $65
Around The World $13 Urban Decay Born to Run $49
Angel $7 Kat Von D Divine $38
Unisex 2 $11.50 Jeffree Star Cosmetics Beauty Killer $45
Whimsical $9 Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina $42
Savanna $10 Natasha Denona Safari $129
Seaside $7 Urban Decay Beached $34
Obsessed palettes $6 each Huda Beauty Obsessions $27 (N/A)
Prestige $9 Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam $42
Unisex 3 $11.50 Jeffree Star Cosmetics Androgyny $45
Glamor $9 Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance $42
Cherry $10 Urban Decay Naked Cherry $49
Diamond $10 Fenty Beauty Galaxy $59
Dusk to Dawn $10 Anastasia Beverly Hills x Jackie Aina $45
Feverish $9 Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry $45
Lust In Paradise $9 Too Faced Natural Lust $46
Golden $10 Natasha Denona Gold $129
Sundown $10 Natasha Denona Sunset $129
Unisex 1 $11.50 Laura Lee Los Angeles Cat’s Pajamas $40
Unisex 4 $11.50 Dominique Cosmetics Latte $42
Unisex 5 $11.50 Dominique Cosmetics Lemonade $42
Peachy $10 Too Faced White Peach $45
Clay $10 Tarte Cosmetics Clay Play $45
Twilight $10 Natasha Denona Lila $129
Tropical $10 Natasha Denona Tropic $129
The Frost $9 Kylie Cosmetics The Nice palette $42
Juicy $9 Kylie Cosmetics The Summer Palette $44
Birthday Blast $13 Kylie Cosmetics Birthday 2018 $65

Birthday Wish vs 10-Year Anniversary ($42 difference)

Birthday Wish   10-Year Anniversary

Blue Sky vs Blue Blood ($42 difference)

Blue Sky      Blue Blood

Nightfall vs Rose Gold ($53 difference)

Nightfall   Rose Gold

Sundown vs Desert Dusk ($53 difference)

sundo   Desert Dusk

Around the World vs Born To Run ($36 difference)

Around the World

Born to Run

Angel vs Divine ($31 difference)

angel   Divine

Unisex 2 vs Beauty Killer ($33.50 difference)

unisex 2   Beauty Killer

Whimsical vs Norvina ($33 difference)

whimsical   Norvina

Savanna vs Safari ($119 difference)

Savanna     Safari

Seaside vs Beached ($27 difference)

seaside        Beached

Obsessed vs Obsessions ($21 difference)

Obsessed     Huda Beauty Obsessions

Prestige vs Soft Glam ($33 difference)


Soft Glam

Unisex 3 vs Androgyny ($33.50 difference)

unisex 3    Androgyny

Glamor vs Modern Renaissance ($33 difference)

Glamor   Modern Renaissance

Cherry vs Naked Cherry ($39 difference)

cherry   CherryN

Diamond vs Galaxy ($49 difference)

diamond     Galaxy

Dusk to Dawn vs The Jackie Aina palette ($35 difference)

dusk to dawn   Jackie Aina

Feverish vs Sultry ($36 difference)

feverish  Sultry

Lust In Paradise vs Natural Lust ($37 difference)

Lust in Paradise       Natural Lust

Golden vs Gold ($119 difference)

Golden       Gold

Sundown vs Sunset ($119 difference)

sundown   Sunset

Unisex 1 vs Cat’s Pajamas ($28.50 difference)

unisex 1   Cat's Pajamas

Unisex 4 vs Latte ($30.50 difference)

unisex 4   DominiqueCosmetics-LattePallete-Open_600x

Unisex 5 vs Lemonade ($30.50 difference)

unisex 5      Lemonade

Peachy vs White Peach ($35 difference)

Peachy   White Peach

Clay vs Clay Play ($35 difference)

Clay   Clay Play

Twilight vs Lila ($119 difference)

Twilight   Lila

Tropical vs Tropic ($119 difference)

Tropical     Tropic

The Frost vs The Nice palette ($33 difference)

The Frost   Nice

Juicy vs The Summer palette ($35 difference)

Juicy   Summer 2018

Birthday Blast vs Birthday 2018 ($52 difference)

Birthday Blast   Kylie Birthday

Considering the first Ccolor dupe post was written over a year ago, there are so many that I had to add and the price points did change but to more affordable prices. Which dupe is your favorite?

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  1. Ken says:

    Thanks for all the work you put in for the dupes! 👍

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    1. AJ Monique says:

      aww thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed reading it 🙂


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