Cosmetic Launch Roundup: July 9-16, 2020

Much like last week, variety has proven to be the spice of life. Something about this week has inspired more brands to launch their eagerly anticipated products, meaning they obviously have to pop up on the Roundup. Enjoy the post and make sure you’re following Indie Clique for future launches.

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Pacifica Beauty has new lip balms for nourished and tinted lips. The Vegan Care Balms are a shimmer finish and in 5 juicy shades (Vanilla, Cherry, Coconut, Rose, and Peach). The balms can also be used for a pop of color on the cheeks. Available on Pacifica’s website or in Ulta stores.

2020-07-16 (13)

Prettyhearts Cosmetics had heart emoji eyes as they launched the Send Love palette. A 9-pan rose-themed palette, Send Love has bronzer, highlight, blush, and shimmer/pressed glitter shades that double as eyeshadow. Send Love is available on Prettyhearts’ site for $24.50.

2020-07-16 (15)      2020-07-16 (14)

Amor Us took the formula of the face primer to create the Eyeshadow Primer. With a matte finish, there are two options to choose from: clear/clear and clear/nude. Each primer is $5 or you can get both as a set for $8 on Amor Us’ website.

2020-07-16 (16)

Ruby May Cosmetics is back and inspired by the planets. The Stardust Duochrome Pigments come in 9 shades (Uranus was replaced by the Sun) and have a formula that’s between a loose powder and cream. Stardust Duochrome Pigments are online only and cost $12.99 individually or you can opt for the bundle ($74.99).

2020-07-16 (17)

Beauty Creations added more scented setting sprays to the popular collection. The new sprays are Peony, Watermelon, Pineapple, and Tropical. Each spray is $6.99 or, if you can’t choose just one, the Setting Spray Set 2 costs $24 online.

2020-07-16 (9)      2020-07-16 (10)

2020-07-16 (11)     2020-07-16 (12)

Ethereal Makeup launched three colors of lash glue for each level of lash application. White is good for beginners, black and clear are for those who are comfortable applying falsies. Each glue is hypoallergenic and costs $6 online.

2020-07-16 (18)

Kimchi Chic Beauty collaborated with Kimchi’s best friend and popular drag queen Naomi Smalls to create the 2 Queens in 1 Desert collection. The fierce collection features the Mad Maxine, Soot Yourself palette ($30), No Sparkle Shaming cream eyeshadows (2 colors, $19 each), Sunkissed In June complexion palette (2 blushes and 2 highlighters, $19), or the full collection for $68. The 2QI1D collab is available on Kimchi Chic’s website.

2020-07-18 (2)

Boujee Babe Cosmetics served this week with another glitter stack and their first lip glosses. The Purple Paradise Chunky glitter stack features 6 gorgeous purple glitter jars, all for $20. The lip glosses come in three shades (Champagne, Gold, and Burgundy). Each gloss is $10 and everything is available on Boujee Babe’s website. You can save 20% with the code “indieclique”.

2020-07-16 (20)       2020-07-16 (21)

Jcat Beauty is back to save us from any further eyeliner or eyebrow mistakes. The Eyebrow Contouring 4-tip Pen comes in four shades (taupe, brown, espressor, and black) and the pronged tip helps with carving out gorgeous eyebrows. The Pen costs $3.99. Next, the Kitten Winged Eyeliner pen has four different variations (ultra fine, angled tip, paddle shaped, and dual tip) for different winged liner. The eyeliner is $3.99 and both products are available on Jcat’s site.

2020-07-16 (24)      2020-07-16 (23)

Prolux Cosmetics summoned the infamous Red Queen for the new palette. The 35-pan eyeshadow palette features a rainbow of shades that allude to the colorful imagery seen in Alice in Wonderland. Red Queen costs $20.99 online.

2020-07-16 (25)     2020-07-16 (26)

Moira Cosmetics is all about fruit this week with the Juicy series of eyeshadow palettes. The series features four palettes: Apple of My Eye, Oh My Peelings, You’re Berry Cute, and Kiwi Be Friends?. Each palette costs $17 and there is a bundle option ($54.95). Grab your choice of fruit on Moira’s website.

2020-07-16 (34)   e    2020-07-16 (28)

2020-07-16 (33)

Colourtory Cosmetics is on trend with the water-activated UV liners but the brand released two collections. The Cotton Candy pastel liners feature spring-esque colors and are available individually for $5 or as a bundle of 8 for $27. Likewise, the Retro Vibes collection features 7 neon shades that can be purchased individually for $5 or as a bundle for $24. Both collections are available on Colourtory’s site. You can save money by using my discount code “Ajmonique” to save 10%.

2020-07-16 (29)     2020-07-16 (30)

Rude Cosmetics sparkled this week with the Sin of Glittony eyeshadow palette. An all glitter palette, this 15-pan palette has clusters of glitters inspired by the cosmos. Sin of Glittony costs $24 and is available on Rude’s website.

2020-07-16 (31)

What’s your favorite launch this week? Spill the tea in the comments and follow Indie Clique for future Roundups, reviews, and more. Also follow along on social media (links in the sidebar).


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