Recent Finds: Myali Beauty

I’m ecstatic to share an upcoming brand this week on recent finds. Usually brands have already launched before they are featured on these posts, but Myali Beauty has such stunning products and the launch date is right around the corner.

Myali (pronounced Mee-Yalee) Beauty is a Pakistani-owned UK-based indie brand with a whopping 95.9k followers on Instagram. The brand is owned by Sal and the products are a clear representation of the pride she has in her culture and heritage. So far there are five products that have been revealed: four eyeshadow palettes, a highlighter palette, and the Rustic Garden pigment bundle.

2020-07-16 (2)         2020-07-15 (5)

The four eyeshadow palettes are Ayubia, Yasmin, Yayah, and a collaboration palette with MUA ReeXBella. The three palettes are £28/$35 each while the Myali x ReeXBella palette is £26/$32. The Asna highlight palette suits medium to tan skin tones and does not have a listed price yet. Last but not least, the Rustic Garden pigments are bundled for £18/$22. Everything will be available on the brand’s website.

2020-07-15 (6)       2020-07-16 (3)

2020-07-15 (7)          2020-07-15 (2)

Of the revealed products, I have to say that the Ayubia is my favorite. Let me know your favorite product in the comment section and make sure that you check out Myali Beauty either on Instagram or their website. For future product launches, reviews, and other beauty content, follow Indie Clique and follow along on social media (all links are in the sidebar).

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Adeesa says:

    A must have!! The quality is amazing.


  2. Adeesa says:

    A must have, the quality is amazing!!


    1. AJ Monique says:

      I really want to try everything, especially the Ayubia palette 😍. Do you have a favorite product?


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