The Watchlist #1: Sandi Jarquin

There is a bit of unrest in the beauty community recently with drama from the bigger beauty gurus and public opinion of our community is influenced by the drama. The purpose of the Watchlist is to highlight beauty influencers and MUAs who truly love makeup, are unproblematic, and use their platforms to uplift fellow makeup addicts.

There are so many to choose from but the first ever Watchlist features Sandi Jarquin, a beauty Youtuber and lash tech whose channel boasts 16.7k subscribers and an Instagram following of 18.8k. She mainly focuses on makeup tutorials with a few reviews, challenges, and vlogs sprinkled in for a nice variety. Watching Sandi’s videos are always entertaining and her sweet personality shines through as she explains each step and discusses products.

2020-07-17 (4)

Her Youtube channel started in 2016 and it’s cool to see how the makeup has changed as she adopts new techniques. The most recent videos have featured more neutral glam, bronze looks, and some smokey eye looks which are easy to replicate, making her a beauty Youtuber you need to subscribe to.

Check out Sandi’s channel and follow her Instagram. While you’re here, follow Indie Clique on the blog and social media (links in sidebar) for future Watchlists, products launches, and more beauty content.

*Photo and video belongs to Sandi Jarquin*


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