Cosmetic Launch Roundup: July 1-8, 2020

The first week of July and it’s starting to feel like summer, especially with these new makeup releases. There’s a variety of products this week so buckle up and enjoy!

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Serpent Beauty extended its inventory from lashes to lippies this week with the Gods matte liquid lipsticks and Goddess lip glosses. There are 10 lipsticks ($12 each) and named after different Greek Gods like Hades and Ares. The lip glosses ($15 each) are named after Goddesses like Hera and Artemis. You can grab your favorite shades on Serpent Beauty’s site and use my code “indieclique” to save some money.

Screenshot_20200709-014022~2         screenshot_20200709-014056~22750919291841608736..jpg


Pinky Rose Cosmetics is known for its creativity and innovative products and the newest collection is a hit. The Pump That Bass collection features primer base sticks named after different musical genres (Latin, country, pop) and each stick has a myriad of uses. You can apply it as an eyeshadow primer, eyeliner, lippie, blush, etc. Each stick is $10 but you can grab the entire collection for $90 online.

screenshot_20200709-131446~21455458984931473866..jpg            screenshot_20200709-131543~23498435153854582990..jpg

The Makeup Chamber celebrated its birthday with the Birthday Suit collection. Featuring a neutral eyeshadow palette ($16) and 15 lippies (6 lip glosses and 9 lipsticks; $10 each), this is a birthday celebration you don’t want to miss. Everything is available on Makeup Chambers site.

screenshot_20200709-013931~26000737936830851078..jpg         screenshot_20200709-013831~2788177636637949554..jpg


90’s Baby Cosmetics gave Nickelodeon fans a thrill with the launch of the Forever Favs palette. The 12-pan palette features a beautiful color story and stunning artwork with characters like The Rugrats and Fairy Oddparents. Forever Favs costs $25 but the brand has a code “90SBABY” so you can get it for $20 on their website.

screenshot_20200709-014310~27283283201636171650..jpg       screenshot_20200709-014335~21057570975330876561..jpg

Mocha Cosmetics is back from hiatus with lashes and lip glosses. There are two lash styles, Jamaica and Bahama Mama ($15 each) and 8 lip gloss shades ($7 each). Grab some goodies on Mocha’s site.

screenshot_20200709-014645~25554330499949826642..jpg         screenshot_20200709-014714~28410982019002123394..jpg

Kaleido Cosmetics is keeping lips hydrated and protected with the Jelly Jam gloss. The gloss costs $18 and features apricot oil as an ingredient. Jelly Jam is available on the brand’s site.


Nyx Cosmetics is all about flawless lines with the Epic Wear Liner Sticks. Coming in 24 shades and in matte and shimmer finished, each stick is $8 and available online and in Ulta.


Mamacita Cosmetics launched three liquid lipsticks for a gorgeous pout. The three lippies (Coco, Teddy, and Cashmere) are $12 each and up for grabs on Mamacita’s site.


Rude Cosmetics is improving our poker faces with new face palettes. The Queen of Diamonds and Queen of Hearts palettes contain 6 eyeshadows, 3 lip glosses, and a blush and highlight, all for $18. Pick your Queen on Ride’s website.


Ulta Beauty revealed its collaboration with Harry Potter! The full collection features an eyeshadow palette for each of the 4 houses ($16 each) or all four in the Palette Vault ($50), 4 lip crayons ($10 each), 4 lip glosses ($10 each), Deathly Hallows brush kit ($25), Pygmy Puff jelly puff ($12), and the Lumos Face and Body shimmer ($12). Everything is available in Ulta stores or online.

screenshot_20200709-092620~21086426682063821442..jpg       screenshot_20200709-092343~28817838052390989031..jpg


July has started with a bang and I can’t wait to see what else is released this month. What do you think of the launches this week? Comment your favorite and be sure to follow this blog for more beauty content. You can also find me on social media (links are in the sidebar).


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