Shop My Stash/Collection Update

As you might have noticed, this blog is about affordable makeup and skincare. I’ve decided to mix two articles together and give an update on my collection and jump on the “shop my stash” trend.

*This post includes affiliate links; if you choose to use a code or a link marked with “”, I receive a small commission.

Amor Us

Aphrodite, Flora, and Hekate (Goddess Collection). Individual $16, bundle $45

Masquerade glitter palette $16

Bubble Pop, Cake Pop, Femme Fatale, Remember Me, Snow Queen (32-pan palettes) $15 each

Amor Us


Bad Habit (brand closed)


Bad Habit


Beauty Creations

Alicia $20.99

Frida $20.99

Matte Lip Glosses (Pink Rose, Lovely, I Dare) $4.99 each

Beauty Creations


Bebella Cosmetics

Dreaming in Color $14.99



BH Cosmetics

Aurora Lights $21

BH x ItsMyRayeRaye $17.50 (sold at Ulta)

Zodiac Love Signs $27

BH Cosmetics


Black Radiance

Color Perfect Creme Blush (Pure Pink, Proper Pink) $7.49 each

Black Radiance


Boujee Babe Cosmetics (“indieclique” for 20% off)

Selena, Tea Time glitters $4

Boujee Babe



Paradise Sunset $10.49



Chixxie Beauty

Fiesta Mexicana $16

Chixxie Beauty



Cirque Cadia Cosmetics

Lip Glosses (Cream Pie, Candy Floss, Candied Apple, Frosted Animal Cookie, Whoopie Pie) $12.95 individual, $44.95

Cirque Cadia



It’s My Pleasure $12

Ooh-La-La  $12



Colourtory (“Ajmonique” for 10% off)

Guiselle, Mathilde, Amelie lash styles $5 each

Sancy lash style $8

Popcorn palette $18

Coffee Shop palette $18

Colourtory Beauties box $25 (exclusive items: headband, lip mask)




Reign $15

Revolution $15 



Face Candy  (no longer available)


Face Candy


Glam Vice

Color Rush $26

Daydreamer (out of stock)

Paradise Sunset $26

Glam Vice



Burger $40

Cake $40

Calligrapher Eyeliner $18

Pizza $40

Pizza Slices (Meat Lover’s and Veggie Lover’s) $22 each

Taco $38

Glamlite 2        Glamlite

Glamlite 3


Heavnnn Cosmetics

The Sweet Shop palette $18

Lip Gloss $14

Heavnnn Cosmetics



Crystals and Opulence minis $10 each, set of 4 $28



Kara Beauty

The Heavenly Nine $12.99

Berry Burst $28.74

Golden Tropics $28.74

Lip Glosses (Teaser, Icon, Wanted) $2.49 each

Kara Beauty 2      Kara Beauty



On The Edge $24



Makeup Chamber

Artist’s Palette $26.50

Cosmetic Bag $10

Makeup Chamber


Makeup Revolution

Deep Dive $15

Forever Flawless: Constellation $15

Forever Flawless: Utopia $15

Integrity $15

Life is a Party $15

Obsession x Belle Jorden $15

Revolution x Emily Noel The Wants $20

Revolution x Rachel Leary $20

MUR 1  MUR 3



Mamacita Cosmetics

Acapulco (no longer available)

Fine Glitter Collection $15

Mamacita Cosmetics      Mamacita 2


Menagerie Cosmetics

Whalesong $36



Midas Cosmetics

Flower Bomb $26

High Times $20

La Dulce Vida (just stopped stocking)

Love is Love (just stopped stocking)



Mocha Cosmetics (brand temporarily closed)

Rainbow 25 palette

Lip gloss

Mocha Cosmetics


Moira Beauty

Day Dreams $17

Dreamscape $17

Stargazing $17

Wanderlust $17

Fearless Heart $16

Sandcastle in the Sky $16

Moira Beauty


Per.Plex Beauty

Rebel Eyes $16

Rebel Light $15

Head Trip $14

Doppelgangsta $16

Supreme Glamage $16

Modern Rebel Lip Strobe (Misdemeanor) $5

Per.plex      Per.plex 2


Private Society Cosmetics (lots of bundle deals)

Bad Betch $35

Girl Boss $35

Glow Getter $42

Secret Admirer blush palette $42

Lip Lock lipstick (Her Majesty) $18

Private Cosmetics



Infatuation $10

Sapphires $5

Wanderlust $10



Rude Cosmetics

Book 6 The Badass Rudegirl $24

Book 7 Rudementary Speyeshadows $24

Book 8 Merfantasia $24

Notorious lipstick set $15.50

Rude          Rude 2

Rude 3


Spoiled Cosmetics

Volume 3: Mermaid Fanta-Sea $7

Volume 4: On The Beach $7

Spoiled Cosmetics


Y.a.s Cosmetics

Hidden Gem palette $9

yas cosmetics


Zinzun Cosmetics    (Brand has temporarily closed)

La Cultura

La Nortenita


Zinzun Cosmetics


Zodiac Cosmetics  (frequent sales!)

Capricorn $29.99

Virgo $29.99

Star Dust highlighter (Zeus) $12

Zodiac Cosmetics


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Photos are mine!


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