Recent Finds: Park Avenue Cosmetics

Here we are with yet another edition in the series where I squeal about a new indie brand. Before we dive in, can we talk about the name? If you’re a Monopoly fan like me then the name immediately catches your eye. For the people who don’t know (or care), you’ll start to care once you see the brand’s products.

Park Avenue Cosmetics is the launched on February 4th with a bang; the first product was 6 gorgeous lash styles (Alicia, Aulani, Adrian, Ariana, Anaya, and Anastasia) that were available for pre-order either individually ($9.99) or as bundle ($45) and sold out by February 23. That’s an amazing feat for a newly launched brand.

Lash bundle

Following the lashes were succulent lip glosses. The first set featured 5 darker hued shades (Erika, James, Amaya, Jessica, Aria) at $13.99 each. For those who like a nude lip or slightly colored look, the second set of glosses are for you (Kaia, Mia, Emma, Alexis, Aurora). There are 2 bundles of the lip glosses ($54.99) which saves us $15.

Screenshot_20200511-004719_2            Screenshot_20200511-005440_2 (1)

Every product looks high quality and I’m ready to see what else this indie brand has in store for us. Make sure you check Park Avenue Cosmetics out on their website and Instagram and, if you grab any goodies or just liked this article, tell me in the comments. The follow button for Indie Clique is in the sidebar along with my various social accounts; you’ll miss out on more indie brand launches, reviews, and other beauty content if you’re not following. 


Photos belong to Park Avenue Cosmetics


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