Cosmetic Launch Roundup: April 1-8, 2020

Ah April. The fourth month of the year can have a subdued feeling but these product launches definitely lightened the mood. There were only a few releases this week but they deliver some much needed excitement.

Lunarskies Cosmetics teamed up with beauty influencer Blondetaki to create the Anime Dreams collection. This dreamy collection features two pairs of lashes (Angel Wings and Transcend; $15 each) and the Anime Dreams palette ($37). There is also a bundle option retailing for $60. The collection is available on Lunarskies’ website.


Kaleido Cosmetics has new blushes to be euphoric about. The Euphoria blushes come in four luminous shades: Rapture (golden nude), Felicity (coral), Glee (rosy red), and Elation (peachy pink). Grab your favorite shade for $9 online.


Colourtory Cosmetics has 4 new lash styles, collectively known as the Holographic Diamond collection. The new styles (pictured in order) are Ruby, Esmeralda, Florentine, and Sierra. Get your favorite style (or styles) for $8 each on Colourtory’s site.

Screenshot_20200422-005432_2               Screenshot_20200422-005645_2

Screenshot_20200422-005722_2           Screenshot_20200422-010027_2

Ambreesh Cosmetics launched four new lipstick shades! The newbies are Passionfruit (bright fuchsia), Dahlia (coral), Power Tripp (rose), and Cup Cakin’ (lilac). $19 each, these lipsticks are available online.

Screenshot_20200422-062116_2         Screenshot_20200422-062235_2        Screenshot_20200422-063140_2        Screenshot_20200422-063319_2

Ulta collaborated with Marvel to curate a collection for the Black Widow movie. The Ulta x Marvel Black Widow collection features an eyeshadow palette ($20), organizer bag $18, weekender bag ($28), Face trio palette ($16), Vinyl lip gloss (4 shades, $10 each), round top bag ($16), Lip kit duos (4 colors, $16 each), and assorted face brushes ($10-20). Everything is up on Ulta’s website.


It’s hard to believe that it’s already April but I’m excited to see what the beauty community does next. Share your favorite launch in the comments and be sure to follow Indie Clique and follow me on social media (links in the sidebar) for future launches, reviews, and other beauty content. There is a giveaway coming soon so stay tuned for that.


Photo Credits:

Lunarskies Cosmetics (website)

Kaleido Cosmetics (Instagram)

Colourtory (Instagram)

Ambreesh (website)

Ulta (Instagram)


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