Welcome, 2020!

It’s officially 2020! With the clock striking midnight, a new year and decade is upon us. Instead of making the same resolutions of yesteryear, I’ve decided to focus on bettering myself as a person and professionally as a blogger.

  1. I want to learn new makeup applying techniques and expand the range of looks I create.
  2. I want to create great content for the blog and my youtube channel; I have so many ideas it’s not even funny.
  3. I also want to give back to my community of beauty addicts through giveaways and responding to any comments or suggestions.
  4. Update the swatch gallery and offer more skincare or beauty tips.

This is where you come in. Let me know if there is a brand you want a review of. If you want specific tips and tricks for applying makeup or skincare, sound off in the comments. I’d have no drive to continue writing or filming if it weren’t for you reading the blog, viewing my videos, or (if you do) looking at social media. Let 2020 be a year of growth and support for one another’s endeavors. Tell me: what are your goals for 2020 (and beyond)?

Happy New Year!

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