Cosmetic Launch Roundup: November 16-23, 2019

Zoeva Cosmetics is feeling the holiday spirit and even captured the feeling that it goes by too fast with the limited-edition palette Precious. This palette has six shades (four shimmer and two mattes) and costs $22 on Zoeva’s website.

Screenshot 2019-11-22 at 4.06.39 AM - Edited

Hipdot is giving makeup addicts an icy glam palette to celebrate the holidays. The Opulence palette has 15 shades, all suited for Christmas glam and the packaging is e-very-thing! The palette costs $30 and can be found on Hipdot’s website.

Screenshot 2019-11-23 at 3.56.17 AM - Edited

Morphe introduced two of their new 18-pan eyeshadow palettes, 18A Blue Ya Away and 18T Truth or Bare. Blue Ya Away features blue shades with a sprinkle of neutral shades while Truth or Bare is all neutral tones of brown, white, and black. Both palettes are $18 and are available on Morphe’s site or in Morphe stores.

Screenshot 2019-11-22 at 12.59.09 AM - Edited

Colourtory Cosmetics has several new lash styles! There are two styles with glimmering packaging, Diva and Queen, costing $5.99 each. Or you can spring for the Glamour Collection, a set of 5 lash styles also new to the brand (Doll, Boss, Sweetheart, Sassy, and Tease) for only $13.99. Either style (or styles) you get, be sure to snatch them up quick from the brand’s site.

Diva   Screenshot 2019-11-22 at 4.33.47 AM - Edited   Queen

Amor Us has their own winter palette and it’s perfect for the ice queens out there. Snow Queen has 32 stunning shades (18 matte, 12 shimmer, and 2 duochromes) for a diverse color story. Grab the palette online for $15.

Screenshot 2019-11-23 at 4.21.14 AM - Edited.png

Beauty Creations has four refreshing and yummy-smelling setting sprays to keep makeup on fleek. The four scents are coconut, roses, cucumber, and peach, with each costing $6.99. There is also a PR box available for $24; the setting sprays are up-for-grabs on Beauty Creations website.

Screenshot 2019-11-21 at 7.42.58 PM - Edited

Jcat Beauty has two palettes to dazzle day and night. The Dia & Noche Tri-Element palette comes in two styles, Dia (bright shades) and Noche (darker shades). Each palette has 15 shades and costs $8 online.

Screenshot 2019-11-22 at 10.36.52 AM - Edited         Screenshot 2019-11-22 at 10.38.15 AM - Edited

Colourpop could have released this collection back in the spring when we saw a lot of butterflies but alas, the brand has the Butterfly collection ready to take off. The collection includes the Flutter By palette ($18), 4 Super shock shadows set, 5 Lux Velvet Blur lipsticks, 2 Jelly Eyeshadows, and a new highlighter, all for $90. The collection is available on Colourpop’s site.

Screenshot 2019-11-22 at 4.57.24 AM - Edited

W7 Cosmetics has been busy and has several new palettes. The first palette shows that the brand is bringing out its wild side with the Wild Eyes palette. 12 sultry shades and a $14 price tag, the palette is available for pre-order.

Screenshot 2019-11-22 at 7.26.07 PM - Edited     Screenshot 2019-11-22 at 7.26.15 PM - Edited

There are also three palettes in the Vivid collection. The palettes are named Outrageous Orange (oranges, yellows, reds), Punchy Pink (pinks, purples), and Glowin’ Green (greens, yellow, brown) and cost $9 each. There is also a bundle deal for $16. All of the palettes are available online and start shipping on November 27th.

Screenshot 2019-11-22 at 7.28.15 PM - Edited

Private Society Cosmetics has finally expanded its inventory with two face products and an eyeshadow palette. The bestselling Glow Getter highlighting palette has an even prettier sister palette called Glow Getter Volume 2 ($42) with a slight difference in the 8 shades. Then the brand revealed an unrequited crush with the Secret Admirer blush palette. There are 8 shades suitable for all skin tones and costs $42. Last but certainly not least is the sultry Smoke Show eyeshadow palette ($35). You can perfect any smokey eye or get your complexion poppin’ by grabbing the products on Private Society’s site.

Screenshot 2019-11-23 at 4.00.32 AM - Edited                  Screenshot 2019-11-23 at 4.10.03 AM - Edited

Screenshot 2019-11-23 at 4.00.23 AM - Edited

Kara Beauty has a beautifully curated collection celebrating different parts of the Hispanic culture. The collection is called Juegos Latinos (“latin games”) and features three vivacious eyeshadow palettes: La Reina Azteca (“the Aztec queen”), La Dama de Flores (“the flower lady”), and La Chica Enamorada (“the girl in love”). Each palette contains 24 colors and costs $24.99 or you can get all three for only $64. The palettes are sold on Kara Beauty.

Screenshot 2019-11-23 at 4.43.19 AM - Edited (2)          Screenshot 2019-11-23 at 4.43.13 AM - Edited

Screenshot 2019-11-23 at 4.43.19 AM - Edited (1)          Screenshot 2019-11-23 at 4.43.19 AM - Edited

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