Recent Finds: The Makeup Chamber

Welcome back to another installment of the series where I talk about up-and-coming brands. I’m ecstatic to be sharing this WOC-owned indie brand with you (yasss!!). As I am wont to do, I found The Makeup Chamber on Instagram when I looked through the PR search hashtag. I scrolled through the brand’s page and loved the aesthetic, leading me to the website and I was shook! I actually ordered the palette right after and it is EVERYTHING!

Moving past my enthusiasm… The Makeup Chamber was founded by Alexis “Lex” Brumfield and is currently headquartered in Hammond, Louisiana. Lex is an MUA and maintains several other businesses on top of creating products for her makeup brand. One aspect of the Makeup Chamber’s mission is to cater to both professional and amateur MUA’s (and makeup enthusiasts).

According to the About page on the site, the idea for the Makeup Chamber came up in 2016 but became a serious venture in 2018. Lex worked extensively on the beautiful Artist’s Palette ($38). I will have swatches up on the gallery soon but be sure to check out my IG stories for a first look. The other products include a handheld mirror ($13), a cosmetic bag ($10), and a 14-piece brush set ($30). 


0820191825 - Edited.jpg         0820191826 - Edited

Screenshot 2019-08-20 at 7.44.01 PM - Edited                Screenshot 2019-08-20 at 7.44.04 PM - Edited

Screenshot 2019-08-20 at 7.44.08 PM - Edited

Make sure you check out The Makeup Chamber on their social media (Instagram, Facebook) and also take a look at the website. After you’ve done that, follow me on social media (links in sidebar) and be sure to follow this blog for more indie brands to squeal over along with launches, swatches, and reviews!


*Photo of the Artist’s palette was taken by me*

**Other products belong to The Makeup Chamber**


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