Cosmetic Launch Roundup: July 16-23, 2019

Collabs and monochrome are in for the third week of July. This is actually one of the longer Roundups so grab a glass of water, lemonade, or whatever beverage you want and enjoy the post!

Bella Forever Cosmetics launched the She Believed She Could-So She Did palette on July 18th. The 32-color palette features mattes, shimmers, and duochromes for $15. The palette is available on the brand’s site.

Screenshot 2019-08-14 at 1.12.37 AM - Edited        Screenshot 2019-08-14 at 1.12.29 AM - Edited

De’Lanci Cosmetics launched 4 monochromatic eyeshadow palettes, each containing 15 shades. You can choose Avocado Green, Space Blue, Dream Purple, and Eye-Catching Chili Orange. Each palette is $10 and you can grab them through Amazon or on the De’Lanci’s site.

Screenshot 2019-08-15 at 1.31.41 AM - Edited            Screenshot 2019-08-15 at 1.31.50 AM - Edited

Screenshot 2019-08-15 at 1.30.20 AM - Edited             Screenshot 2019-08-15 at 1.31.30 AM - Edited

Mamacita Cosmetics expanded its product range with matte liquid lipsticks! There are 5 stunning shades and cost $10 each. The five shades are Diabla (red), Coqueta (pink), Latina (orange), Muñeca (pinky-red), and Cabrona (plum). Grab your favorite shade online.

Screenshot 2019-08-14 at 12.50.06 AM - Edited         Screenshot 2019-08-14 at 12.50.13 AM - Edited

Hipdot Cosmetics got nostalgic for us 90s’ babies with the Hipdot x Spongebob Collection! The collection contains the Bikini Bottom eyeshadow palette ($36), Sandy Cheeks blush+bronzer ($18), 4 Best Friends face Masks ($20), and Jellyfish Lip Gloss Trio ($30). There are also two “full sets”, the Spongebob Everything set ($94) or the limited-edition Collectors Box ($120). Everything is up for grabs on Hipdot’s site.

Screenshot 2019-08-15 at 1.05.24 AM - Edited

Colourpop launched their next monochromatic collection, this time taking on orange. The Orange You Glad palette ($12) is accompanied by the Juice World brush set ($20) and a few other sets with lippies and blush stix. You can find the orange collection online.

Screenshot 2019-08-15 at 1.43.17 AM - Edited

Then the brand collaborated with Halo Top Creamery for a delectable collection. There are four “flavors” of the Super Shock Shadows ($12 each): Strawberry, Birthday Cake, Mint Chip, and Rainbow Swirl. Each flavor comes with two shadows. You can also grab the full Halo Top x Colourpop collab for $38 online.

Screenshot 2019-08-15 at 1.43.42 AM - Edited

Catrice collaborated with Eman Raouf to create three natural glam palettes. There is a 9-pan eyeshadow palette, a blush quad, and a highlighting quad. The Catrice x Eman palettes are $12 each and you can purchase them on Catrice’s site, Ulta’s site, or in select Ulta stores.

Screenshot 2019-08-15 at 1.47.15 AM - Edited.png

Menagerie Cosmetics gave fans a surprise with the Violet Ink palette. This purple-themed palette features six vivid colors and costs $20 online.

Screenshot 2019-08-15 at 1.52.01 AM - Edited

BH Cosmetics offered Leo signs a palette and it’s a beauty. The Mini Zodiac: Leo costs $14 and has 9 shades, mostly neutrals with a pop of blue to spice things up, much like a Leo vies for attention. The palette is up on BH’s site.

Screenshot 2019-08-15 at 1.04.47 AM - Edited

Morphe launched another 35-pan palette, 35H Hot Spot Artistry. The palette seems like it’s split into two color stories, cool tones vs warm tones, but the myriad of looks you can create seems endless. 35H costs $24 and is available on Morphe’s site or in stores.

Screenshot 2019-08-15 at 1.32.03 AM - Edited

Rude Cosmetics served 1920s’ glam with two new 20-pan palettes. The Roaring 20’s- Carefree is all about natural (and neutral) looks while Reckless lets your colorful side jump out. Both are $22 and only available online.

Screenshot 2019-08-04 at 12.26.14 PM - Edited

Which launch is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section and be sure to follow this blog for future launches, reviews, opinions, etc. You can also follow me on social media (links in the sidebar!)


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