Indie Haul!!

I decided to #treatmyself for making the Dean’s List for the spring semester and to celebrate my 25th birthday! I bought from brands that I love and from newbies that caught my eye. The best part is… Everything is super affordable. Pictures don’t do the products justice so I have also filmed for my Youtube channel if you want to see everything (still need to edit…)

Zinzun Cosmetics: Muñequita and La Cultura palettes

If you read my article about this indie brand, you would know that I had been eyeing the Muñequita eyeshadow palette. I finally bought it in mid-June and I have created a couple looks with the colorful palette. It costs $14 and well worth every penny.

0731191100a - Edited      0731191100b - Edited.jpg

Then Krystal, the owner, announced the La Cultura palette and since I bought it on launch day, I got it for $18 (regular price $21).

0731191100c - Edited      0731191101b - Edited

Sugary Cosmetics: Donut palette

This adorable palette was really an impulse purchase but can you blame me?! I first saw this palette on Instagram, love the brand’s aesthetic and affordable price point, and bought the Donut. Retails for $26.

0731191118 - Edited 0731191118a - Edited 0731191118b - Edited

Kara Beauty: 4 lip glosses, 2 Pro palettes

I absolutely love Kara Beauty and own 4 of their Nine series palettes but when the brand expanded their Liquid Rouge Vivid Lip glosses, I had to grab a few. I bought the shades Wanted, Unknown, Teaser, and Extra ($4.99 each).

Screenshot 2019-08-04 at 1.24.52 AM - Edited

Then I bought two of the four new Pro palettes, Golden Tropics and Berry Burst because their color stories spoke to me. These palettes were the most expensive palettes I bought, costing $28.74 each.

0731191433 - Edited         0731191434 - Edited



0731191127a - Edited.jpg      0731191346 - Edited

Amor Us: Hekate and Flora palettes

There are three palettes in the Goddess collection from this beloved indie brand (at least to me!) and I purchased Aphrodite three months ago so it only seemed right to buy her sisters. Hekate’s packaging is my favorite while I love Flora’s colors. Both palettes were $16 each.

0731191117b - Edited        0731191117c - Edited

0731191117 - Edited      0731191117a - Edited

Rude Cosmetics: Badass Rudegirl, Rudementary Speyeshadows palettes, lipsticks

Much like Kara Beauty, I love Rude Cosmetics for their superb products and the overall message of the brand. I knew that I wanted (not needed) the Badass Rudegirl palette since its launch in December so I got it ($21.50). I also grabbed the then newly-launched Rudementary Speyeshadows (also $21.50) and finished up with the Crime Does Pay Notorious liquid lipsticks in Dark ($15).

0731191125a - Edited       0731191125b - Edited

0731191120a - Edited      0731191120b - Edited

0731191119 - Edited        0731191120 - Edited

Moira Beauty: Dream series (4 palettes)

These four palettes were on my wishlist as soon as they launched the first week of June. I bought all four ($54) and I am in love with each one. The four palettes are Day Dreams, Stargazing, Wanderlust, and Dreamscape.


0731191440 - Edited               0731191440a - Edited

                                “Day Dreams”                                            “Stargazing”

0731191441 - Edited                0731191441a - Edited

                             “Wanderlust”                                                  “Dreamscape”

Cirque Cadia Cosmetics: Popping Prismatic Powders, Lip Lickin Lip Glosses bundle

I followed this brand three months before launch and I am not ashamed to say that I set my alarm so I could grab the goodies on my wishlist on launch day (June 21st). I snatched the last Lip Lickin Lip Gloss bundle ($45) with the five shades being Frosted Animal Cookie, Candied Floss, Whoopie Pie, Cream Pie, and Candied Apple.

0731191609 - Edited

I also bought one of the Poppin Prismatic Powders, loose highlighters if you didn’t read my pre-launch post, in the shade Sweet N’ Salty for $8.95.

0731191611 - Edited

Midas Cosmetics: Flower Bomb, Love Is Love, High Times, La Dulce Vida palettes

I recently discovered Midas Cosmetics through one of my favorite male MUA’s, NeonMua, and he showed off the stunningly bright Flower Bomb palette so I bought it ($26). Then I browsed the site just for an idea of what I’d like but, much like when I shop at the Dollar Tree, I filled my cart with the earthy High Times palette ($20). That palette was followed by the colorful La Dulce Vida ($21), and in celebration of Pride month, I bought the limited edition Love Is Love palette ($21).

0731191442a - Edited        0731191442 - Edited

0731191442b - Edited            0731191442c - Edited

0731191443a - Edited        0731191443 - Edited

0731191444 - Edited          0731191444a - Edited

Boujee Babe Cosmetics: 3 loose glitters + 1 chunky glitter

I’ve spoken about this brand a couple times here on the blog but I hadn’t actually tried the glitters but now I have! I bought the three new loose glitters, Glass Slipper, Tea Time, and Selena for $3.50 each but I received a fourth glitter, Ethereal, for free. Score!

Screenshot 2019-08-04 at 3.02.50 AM - Edited   Screenshot 2019-08-04 at 3.17.20 AM - Edited  Screenshot 2019-08-04 at 3.17.14 AM - Edited  Screenshot 2019-08-04 at 3.02.57 AM - Edited

Mamacita Cosmetics: Bundle of the eyeshadow palette+7 loose glitters

Another brand I just had to buy from because the prices and products were too good to miss (#FOMO anyone?). There is a bundle for the Acapulco eyeshadow palette ($21.99) and the 7 loose glitters ($3.50 individual, $15 bundled) for $35 so I saved a few dollars on this mini haul. The Acapulco palette is stunning and for her first palette, May did a terrific job.

0731191101c - Edited       0731191102 - Edited

0731191108 - Edited                            0731191110 - Edited

Lycheexo: 5 loose glitters

One of my favorite brands for pigments and glitters, I bought 5 loose glitters ($4.99 each) and I have had a lot of fun creating looks with them. I bought the shades Baby Pink, Silver, Teal, Emerald Green, and Red Velvet.

0731191445 - Edited        0731191445a - Edited

Cake Face Lashes: Small promoter box with 2 lash styles

I am actually a promoter of this brand and have a discount code for 10% off your purchase (TRENDYWALLET10) but don’t feel obligated to purchase (I hate pushy people). How could I promote a brand or product I haven’t tried? I kept this in mind and, as I couldn’t pick my lash styles, I was quite nervous about which ones would be sent to me. I received Sprinkles, a natural-looking style, and Brownie which is all about the drama. The small promoter box cost $16.

Screenshot 2019-08-04 at 3.03.07 AM - Edited  Screenshot 2019-07-31 at 11.02.57 PM - Edited  Screenshot 2019-07-31 at 11.03.07 PM - Edited

Per. Plex Beauty: Rebel Eyes palette, Rebel Light highlighter, 2 liquid lipsticks

I’d been super excited about this brand since before it launched so I knew I wanted to buy a few things from them. The eyeshadow palette ($16) is, ⅚ of the Rebel Light highlighting palette’s shades work for my skin tone, and the Multidimensional Lip Strobes in Cherry Bomb and Misdemeanor are my favorite metallic lippies I own.0731191435 - Edited   

Zodiac Cosmetics: Virgo palette, brush set, highlighter

I’m not the only one who got tired of the zodiac palettes being lame or not accurately representing each sign so I jumped at the chance to buy from Zodiac Cosmetics on launch day. I am a Cancer sign but I don’t like my palette so I bought the Virgo palette ($29.99) because it’s my son’s sign and I love the shades. 

0731191518 - Edited   0731191521 - Edited   0731191521a - Edited.jpg

I also bought the Cloud Soft 10-piece brush set ($25) and the Star Dust Highlighter shade Zeus. The brushes are super soft and blend easily while the highlighter makes my cheekbones gleam.

0731191519 - Edited    0731191519a - Edited   0731191520 - Edited   0731191520a - Edited

Catrice Cosmetics: Paradise Desert palette

I went to Ulta with my son on my birthday and finally got my hands on this palette. I like the palette and think Melly Sanchez (a.k.a FashionFreakk) did a good job with it. I got the palette for $15 at Ulta.

0731191437a - Edited       0731191438 - Edited

Yes, it is a lot of makeup and I know what you are thinking… Do I even use all of this makeup? The answer is YES! I really have to like a product and have it within my budget to even consider it. I also wanted more variety fo when I do Youtube videos or reviews for the blog. Oh, and I alternate palettes daily for my personal Instagram or even just leaving my house. Why waste money?


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*All pictures were taken and belong to me!*


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  1. oliveunicorn says:

    How pigmented is the Muñequita palette ? And the donut palette ? I love both of those color stories .

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    1. AJ Monique says:

      Both palettes are super pigmented and blend well. I am posting swatches to my swatch gallery soon and doing a review of both soon.

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      1. oliveunicorn says:

        Oh nice ! I’ll check those out then . Thanks ☺️


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