Circus Vibes

Growing up I loved the circus (and carnivals/fairs) so imagine the nostalgia that hit me once I heard of another indie brand launching on June 21st. Cirque Cadia Cosmetics is all about the circus aesthetic and the products look scrumptious. The brand is based in Seattle, Washington.

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Quick fact: the brand was initially slated to be called Black Beauty Cosmetics, but the idea was scrapped in favor of, in my opinion, a better-fitting name for the whole aesthetic of the brand. Cirque Cadia is cruelty-free and eco-conscious, launching an excellent range of products. The lippies are called Lip Lickin’ Lip Gloss and will be available in 5 shades ($12.95 each or $45 bundled).


For highlighter fans, there are 5 shades ($9.95 each or $40 bundled) of the Poppin’ Prismatic Powders suitable for each skin tone. If this isn’t enough for you, the brand plans to have a subscription box plan for $25 a month, or you could treat yo’ self to the bi-monthly Deluxe box for $55. Everything sounds so good, and I love the bundle options.


Go check out Cirque Cadia on Instagram and tell me what you think! The brand launches on June 21st, and it already has a decent following; here’s to hoping I can actually buy something before they sell out. You should follow the blog for future product launches, more indie brands to love, and makeup reviews. I am also on social media (all links in sidebar).

*Photos and the logo belong to Cirque Cadia Cosmetics*


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