Are you “Boujee”?


Ah, I caught your attention didn’t I? Well, prepare to be dazzled by another new indie brand hitting the beauty scene in May 2019. If you are an MUA or MUE (makeup enthusiast), this brand is creating a PR list on Instagram!

Diamond collection

Boujee Babe Cosmetics is serving luxury indie products but with an affordable price tag. From the pictures and stories on Instagram, the owner is starting with chunky glitter. The Diamond collection is first up and each glitter comes in a diamond-shaped jar with twist top. How “boujee” is that?! There are three confirmed shades so far.

Royal                         Aurora

“Royal”                                                            “Aurora”

I am eager to see what else Mariah (the CEO and founder) releases in the coming months. The glitters are stunning and I’m hoping that she releases lippies soon because my stash is depleted…

Boujee glitters.png

Definitely check out Boujee Babe Cosmetics on Instagram and make sure you are subscribed to this blog for future updates on this brand! Oh, and follow me on social media (links in sidebar!)

*Photos belong to Boujee Babe Cosmetics*


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