Cosmetic Launch Roundup: May 1-7, 2019

May is officially here and I am actually enjoying the weather here in Kentucky. It was 80 degrees yesterday but the beauty industry is getting hotter with the launches of this week. Most of the brands mentioned are either new to the Roundup or have been featured on an semi-regular basis but enough chit chat. Let’s talk makeup.

Beauty Creations has a new collection and its bursting with color. Splash of Hues has two palettes, Volumes 1 and 2, with two different color stories. There are 9 shades in both palettes so its perfect for quick looks or for beginners. Each palette costs $12 or you can grab the bundle for $21! Splash of Hues launched on May 2nd only on Beauty Creations’ site.


Splash of Hues - Edited.png

Sarazaar Cosmetics finally launched their Culture Shook palette! The palette features 12 shades and when converted from pounds to dollars, the palette costs $45. A bit more than what I usually feature on this blog but this brand has such quality products that I made an exception. If you are interested in Culture Shook, grab one on Sarazaar’s site.

Culture Shook

BH Cosmetics has a new palette to celebrate the month of May. The Santa Fe palette costs $22 and features 20 warm tone mattes and shimmers. After the initial launch, the price will go up to $26 so be sure to snap this beauty up online when it launches on May 1st!

Santa Fe

LA Splash has a collection based on the Great Gatsby and the Roaring 20’s that I completely forgot to mention :/. The Golden Gatsby collection includes an eyeshadow palette ($28), a highlighting palette (Old Money; $28), false lashes ($16), an eyeliner ($16), lip gloss (Glam Gloss in 6 shades; $16 each), 8 lipsticks ($16 each). The collection is available on LA Splash’s site.

Screenshot 2019-05-04 at 12.07.23 AM - Edited

Tattoo Junkee has individual metallic eyeshadows! There are four shades (yellow, pink, blue, and purple) and each costs $6. Grab your fave on Tattoo Junkee’s site.

tattoo junkee.png

Sparrow Cosmetics is jumping on the glitter trend with their own Glitter Liners. There are 9 shades available, each costing $7. You can grab one (or all!) online.

Glitter liners.png

Technic Cosmetics has three new glitter palettes for all of us glitter addicts. Each palette is $10 and each has a specific theme. Mermaid is the cool toned palette, Unicorn Uniform is pinks and purples, and Star Dust has metallic tones. The palettes are available online.

Mermaid   Unicorn Uniform    Star Dust

Mermaid                                     Unicorn Uniform                           Star Dust

Makeup Revolution unleashed two collaborations this week but on two different spectrums. First came the first skin care collaboration with influencer Jake Jamie. Jake curated the Feed Your Face collection, complete with three face masks in three fruit flavors (Watermelon, Coconut, and Cocoa) plus a hydrating spray. You can get the face masks for $11 each and the spray for $7.

Feed Your Face.png

Then the brand announced a makeup collection with their first Middle Eastern collaborator, Dana Al Tuwarish. Dana created an eyeshadow palette ($15), a highlighting palette ($9), and a lipstick kit ($10). All of the products are available on Makeup Revolution’s website.

Highlight      lip kit      eyeshadow

Shade Beauty has been releasing their Game of Tones collection every Sunday since season 8 of Game of Thrones began. For the May 5th episode, Shade Beauty has four products including a glitter jar, a loose pigment, a highlighter, and an eyeshadow. Watch for these products to be launched on Sunday May 5th!

What is dead may never die.png
What is dead may never die

Barry M launched a new eyeshadow palette, Tropical Twist, and it’s a stunning summer palette. Consisting of 18 shades, Tropical Twist costs $16 and is available on Barry M’s site. I am loving the latest launches from this brand!

Screenshot 2019-05-04 at 12.18.32 AM - Edited.png

Colourpop is turning 5 this month (how time flies!) and to kick off the birthday celebrations, this indie favorite has launched the limited-edition Party Talk Shadow Kit. This set includes 6 new and improved Super Shock shadows with a twist; these shadows have multidimensional glitter finishes! The Super Shock Extremes are currently only available in the Party Talk kit but this collection is only $30 ($5 per shadow) on Colourpop’s site.

Party Talk

Glamlite is finally launching their Taco palette! After the success of the Pizza and Burger palettes, the brand is giving eager fans THE palette for the season. 15 mouth-watering shades and packaging to live for, the Taco palette will be available for pre-order starting on May 5th for $38, only online.


Let me know which product is your favorite in the comments and be sure to follow/subscribe to The Trendy Wallet for more launches, reviews, swatches, and more! You can also catch me on social media (links in sidebar) with additional makeup content.


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