5 Brands I Loved Instantly

As the title says, I am sharing a few brands that I admired from the moment i saw the products (and price points). Not only is the pricing important since I am a student and a mom, but the products also have to be aesthetically pleasing

Rude Cosmetics– I mean, with a tagline of “Makeup with an attitude”, how could you not be intrigued? The first products I saw from the indie brand were the Metropolis palettes and I even wrote about them back in August 2018. The pricing of the products is quite fair considering the quality of the products along with the stunning artwork.

Current favorite: Book 8 Merfantasia.

merfantasia            merfantasia shades - Edited

BH Cosmetics– The first time I saw/heard of this drugstore favorite was at Ulta when I began my foray into makeup. I loved the price point then ($18 for the galaxy-themed palettes) and the baked shadows are still my favorite formulas. If my local Ulta doesn’t carry the new BH palettes, you can bet that I’m buying them online!

Current favorite: Zodiac Love Signs

zodiac - Edited.jpg

Wispy Winks– my new obsession. I heard of this UK-based brand on Twitter through a beauty youtuber and have supported the indie brand since its official launch. The brand has expanded from the original lineup of false lashes to include loose glitters and, most recently, glitter gel liners. Even with the currency conversion from GBP (pounds) to USD, its still less expensive than some drugstore brands.

Current favorite: Glitter Gel Liners


Makeup Revolution– My first palette ever was from Makeup Revolution; I bought the Unicorns Forever palette at Ulta for $7 three years ago. I have been a fan since then and I have happily watched the brand expand and the products are still the same price point but the packaging is on fuego in 2019. MUR is definitely my favorite drugstore brand.

Current Favorite: Fast Base Stick foundation F13


Amor Us– I only discovered this flashy indie brand a couple months ago but ⅛ of my collection is now comprised of Amor Us palettes and lippies. I was hooked on the packaging and swatches I saw on Instagram. Each product they launch gets better in quality and I can’t wait to see what else Amor Us comes up with.

Current favorite: Bubble Pop palette

bp                bubble pop

These brands are all super affordable and that is the name of the game here on my blog. I don’t buy products simply because they are hyped up nor do I buy them because of the brand’s name. I must like everything about the product before I buy it and swatch and recommend it to you.

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Photos were done by me!


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