Makeup Alphabet

I wanted to create unique content for this week but I couldn’t figure out what to write about until I had an intense brainstorming session. Thus this article was born. This is the alphabet with my eyeshadow palettes. By the way, if you haven’t watched my videos or looked at the swatch gallery… You’re missing out!

*Updates with pictures coming soon!

Atlantis by Face Candy; Aphrodite by Amor Us; Aurora Lights by BH Cosmetics


Bubble Pop by Amor Us; Belle Jorden by Obsession x Belle Jorden; Bad Betch by Private Society Cosmetics;


Color Rush by Glam Vice Cosmetics; Classical Nine by Kara Beauty;


Daydream by Glam Vice Cosmetics; Dirty Mother by Rude Cosmetics


Femme Fatale by Amor Us; Fiery Nine by Kara Beauty;


Girl Boss by Private Society Cosmetics;


Heavenly Nine by Kara Beauty;


Infatuation by Profusion Cosmetics; It’s My Pleasure by Colourpop;


Kiss of Fire by Makeup Revolution x Carmi


Love Signs by BH Cosmetics; Luna by Bad Habit Beauty


Masquerade by Amor Us; Merfantasia by Rude Cosmetics; Mini Zodiac: Aquarius by BH Cosmetics; Mermaid by Makeup Revolution


Naughty Nights by Rude Cosmetics


On The Edge by Lurella Cosmetics; Ooh La la by Colourpop; Oh My Gorg by Morphe


Paradise Sunset by Glam Vice Cosmetics;


Remember Me by Amor Us


Sapphires by Profusion Cosmetics; Screwdriver by Rude Cosmetics


Temptress by Profusion Cosmetics


Vintage Nine by Kara Beauty
Wants by Makeup Revolution x Emily Noel; Wanderlust by Profusion Cosmetics

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