Cosmetic Launch Roundup: March 1-8, 2019

Spring is nearly here and the spring-themed eyeshadow palettes and dewy foundations are starting to pop up along with the flowers…

E.l.f Cosmetics is moving on from skin care for a minute and focusing on their collaboration with beauty guru JKissa. The Elf x JKissa collaboration features a 7-pan eyeshadow palette ($12), a Gel Eyeliner ($5), mascara ($6), and a tattoo vault ($23). The Tattoo Vault is essentially the “PR version” of the collection and features special packaging. Due to her popularity, it was expected that the palette would sell out almost immediately and it did. You can grab the other products on E.l.f’s website and (patiently) wait for the palette to restock.
Amor Us has been serving us very pretty eyeshadow palettes and their newest one is no different. Flora contains 15 shades and costs $16. It has similar shades to their previous palette Cake Pop, but Flora has its own appeal. If you like the shades, grab the palette here.
Flower Beauty is back again this week but with something a little different; a brush set! The brushes are sold individually and the brand promises that these brushes are “ultra-soft”. The collection contains a concealer brush ($9), dual-ended eyeshadow brush ($9), foundation brush ($11), powder setting brush ($14), and Precision blush brush ($14). All of the brushes are available online at Flower Beauty.
Jcat Beauty has been launching so many lippies I’m losing track. The new batch are the Mood Flick Holo-Sparkle Lip Balms (say that three times fast!). These wondrous lippies come in 10 shades and based on your “mood” (temperature really), the colors shift. If you like mood jewelry, then this lip balm is perfect for your makeup collection. Grab the Mood Flick balms for $6 each on Jcat’s site.
Kara Beauty launched a highlighting palette two months ago and here they go launching a contour palette. The CN1 Correct+Conceal palette costs $15 and features 7 contour shades for each skin tone plus 3 color correct shades. The CN1 Correct+Conceal palette is available on Kara Beauty’s site.
Iman Cosmetics launched 10 shades of the Luxury Matte Lipsticks. Each shade costs $8 and ranges from nude to dark purples and red. You can grab one (or all) on Iman Cosmetics’ site.
Lurella Cosmetics has launched its 12th brush set. The Bite The Bullet has 5 face brushes and 4 eye brushes plus a case to store them. The set costs $35 and only available online.
Colourpop surprised everyone with their green-themed palette, Just My Luck. This palette, perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, features only greens so you won’t find any neutrals or colors that aren’t… well green. The Just My Luck palette is available on Colourpop’s site for $12.
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Photo credits:
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