Cosmetic Launch Roundup: February 24- 28, 2019

The last of week February is loaded with releases that are giving serious spring vibes. All we need is warmer weather and spring is made.
Colourpop (of course) is launching new stuff but this time it’s a collaboration with someone other than Kathleen Lights. UK beauty influencer Zoe Sugg (Zoella on Youtube) curated a delicious-looking collection called Brunch Date. The collection is available as a PR set ($89) or you can grab individual products.
There is an eyeshadow palette ($18), 2 blushes ($8 each), 2 gel eyeliners ($5 each), 2 Supernova Shadows ($7 each), 3 Ultra Matte Lips ($6.50 each), 3 Lip Bundles ($11.50 each), and a makeup bag ($10). Everything is available on Colourpop’s site.
Rude Cosmetics has two new eyeshadow “books” coming soon! Due to manufacturing issues, Book 7 is delayed but Book 8 is here and I am so excited to try this palette. Merfantasia looks just as fantastic as it sounds. The palette contains 35 shades and it has all the colors you need for spring/summer, meaning my Instagram feed will be full of gorgeous looks from this palette. Merfantasia costs $21.50 and is now available on Rude’s website.
*Oh and the Lingerie Collection palettes are now available on Rude’s site as well!*
Morphe prepared a collection that’s bringing the heat for spring. The Bronze Glow collection launched on February 28th and includes the 35G Bronze Goals palette ($25), a 4-piece highlighting drop bundle ($25), 3 face/body bronzers ($19 each), a brush ($2and a 5-piece lip gloss bundle ($32). The full Bronze Glow collection is available on Morphe’s site and will be in Ulta stores later.


Makeup Revolution dropped several palettes this week. The sub-brand Obsession released the Dream With Vision eyeshadow palette. This palette screams “spring” with pastel colors and the affordable $15 price tag doesn’t hurt either.
Then Revolution launched their Forever Flawless palettes, 4 total. The palettes are Unconditional Love, Optimum, Decadent, and Constellation. Each palette is $15 and of the four, I would get two. It’s the same colors we’ve seen before but the packaging is cute for each individual palette… I’ll have to think about these products. You can find all of the mentioned products on Makeup Revolution’s website.
2615f-screenshot_2019-02-282brevolution2bforever2bflawless2bdecadent2brevolutionbeauty2bcom                                                   Screenshot_2019-02-28+Revolution+Forever+Flawless+Optimum+RevolutionBeauty+com.png
Screenshot_2019-02-28+Revolution+Forever+Flawless+Unconditional+Love+RevolutionBeauty+com.png                                               Screenshot_2019-02-28+Revolution+Forever+Flawless+Constellation+RevolutionBeauty+com.png
Tree Hut, one of my favorite skin care brands, has released more scrubs, bubble bath, and body wash gels. The 4 new scented scrubs ($8 each) are Matcha Mojito, Bohemian Escape, Sunkissed Sands, and Coco Colada. There are 2 body washes (Moroccan Rose and Coconut Lime; $11 each) and 2 bubble bath products (Bohemian Escape and Sunkissed Sands; $8 each). All of these products are sold exclusively at Ulta, online and in-store
7347a-screenshot_2019-02-282btree2bhut2bulta2bbeauty                                 f5a27-screenshot_2019-02-282btree2bhut2bulta2bbeauty252822529                                      e4d58-screenshot_2019-02-282btree2bhut2bulta2bbeauty252812529
BH Cosmetics is collaborating with another influencer, this time Ms. Daisy Marquez. Daisy boasts 1.1 million followers on Instagram and creates some of the prettiest looks I have seen on Instagram. It launched February 28th and the palette can be set up as a small vanity. The BH x Daisy Marquez palette costs $23 but from launch day till March 3rd you can buy the palette for $19 on BH’s site.


I am so excited for Rude Cosmetics and Tree Hut. Which launch is calling your name? Be sure to subscribe for future launches, and more beauty content. Also, follow my Instagram and Twitter for makeup that doesn’t make it on The Trendy Wallet.
Photo Credits:
BH Cosmetics (Twitter)
Tree Hut (Ulta’s website)
Makeup Revolution (website)
Morphe (Instagram)
Rude Cosmetics (Instagram)
Colourpop (Instagram and website)
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