February 13th Haul

I recently did a haul of brands or products that I have been anxious to try, like Glam Vice Cosmetics. I ordered from a total of seven brands so bear with me as we go through everything. Keep an eye on my Youtube page for upcoming reviews.

Shop Hush:

This makeup retailer is having a massive sale on everything including clearance items, so I finally bought Luna ($10.60 sale price) by Bad Habit Beauty and Atlantis by Face Candy ($7.40 sale price). I am in love with the Atlantis palette, but the Luna palette was a miss for me. I’ll have swatches on the swatch gallery soon.

As soon as the It’s My Pleasure palette launched three weeks ago, I knew I was going to buy it. What I didn’t expect is the bundle deals Colourpop is offering. Ooh La la, It’s My Pleasure, Mar, and Sol are bundled with complementary eyeliners. I bought a single It’s My Pleasure palette ($12) and the Ooh La La bundle on sale ($17.60).
Private Society Cosmetics:
I have been excited to try this exclusive brand since before it officially launched, and I was able to buy two palettes. I bought the Girl Boss palette on sale during the “Girl Boss Weekend” sale for $18. Then a couple days later, Private Society held a Secret sale and I bought the Bad Betch palette for $17. Both palettes are chic and have great pigment. You usually need an invite code to access the site, but I have a link for my readers, so you can check out the brand yourself. I’ll announce sales on my social media pages so be sure to follow those!
Amor Us:
The Masquerade palette launched on February 4th and seeing as I don’t currently own an all-glitter palette, I happily spent $16 on this palette. I was surprised by the quality and easy application of the glitters. I especially love the bottom row of the palette.
Glam Vice Cosmetics:
This brand launched almost months ago and I bought the Paradise Sunset and Daydream palettes. Let me tell you, the pigment is so good and the shadows have a smooth texture. You can tell that the team behind Glam Vice worked hard to ensure the palettes are worth the money. The palettes cost $24 each and there is free shipping on orders over $30. I actually have a two-part video review/discussion planned for Sunday Feb. 17th and I am thrilled to demonstrate the palettes!

Makeup Revolution:
I have wanted Carmimua’s Kiss of Fire palette ($15) since it launched in May 2018. So of course, I grabbed it along with beautuber Belle Jorden’s ($15) self-named palette. The Mermaid palette ($7) was another must-have and I also grabbed a Fast Base Stick foundation ($9). MUR had a sale; spend $40, get a mystery bag with $49 of free product and I received the bag filled with a highlighter, blush, contour palette, and a strobing palette.
Kaleido Cosmetics:
Last but certainly not least, I supported this small indie brand because the palette had been on my list and I believe in the brand’s values. The Aquaholic palette was $14 but there was a sale last week, so I got the palette for $11 plus shipping. *Note: I dropped my palette and the shade Rio Glow broke…*
I have busy with school which is why I haven’t been posting as much or filming to get my channel up and running. But I finally have a decent filming set-up and with my weekend free, you’ll be seeing content on Youtube and a few articles here on the blog.
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*Pictures were taken by me!*
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