Cosmetic Launch Roundup: January 16-23, 2019

.The third week of January and it’s still rather slow with releases but it’s a pleasant change. We can actually enjoy the products before the mad rush of collections that arrive in the spring and summer. This week drugstore brands are shaking things up a bit while indie brands are making their mark via glitter.
*Updated on January 18*

BH Cosmetics launched their Travel series last week to a somewhat lukewarm response. This week prepare to be dazzled since the brand launched their Diamond Dazzlers glitter powders. Coming in 8 shades, the glitters range from silver to periwinkle blue with a foil effect. Grab one (or all) of the Dazzlers for $8 each on BH’s site.
Makeup Revolution is making the cut-crease technique a little easier with the Cut Crease Canvas. Four shades for different skin tones but all with the same goal of making the base for your cut crease simple and ready to work with. You can find these for $9 each on MUR’s website and coming soon to Ulta stores.
Oh and MUR decided to sneakily launch four new Re-loaded palettes as well. The four newbies are Fundamental, Iconic 3.0, Marvelous Mattes, and Provocative. These are also available on Revolution’s site, retailing for $7 each.
                        Fundamental                                                       Iconic 3.0
               Marvelous Mattes                                                      Provocative
Rude Cosmetics finally launched the palette that I personally had been waiting for. The Margarita Azul is the 8th palette of the Cocktail Party series and only has 6 shades. Margarita Azul costs $12 and is only available on Rude Cosmetics’ site.
Also launched today was a surprise palette called United Shades of Glitter. Like the name indicates, the palette is 21 shades of pressed glitter shadows for all the glitter lovers out there to squeal about. The United Shades of Glitter costs $26 and is available online.
Pixi Beauty entered the Roundup this week as the only brand to launch skin care products. The biggest launch ever for Pixi Beauty includes 27 products, ranging from cleanser to eye serums to hydrating products. The new skin care products range from $10 to $30 which isn’t too bad considering Pixi Beauty creates some of the best cleansers and toners in the cosmetic industry. Everything is available on Pixi Beauty’s site (I’m too lazy to list everything).
Morphe is entering 2019 with a bang! The brand announced their launch of foundations and concealers which will be available online and in Morphe stores starting on January 17th. The Fluidity range includes 60 shades of foundation with different undertones (red, gold, olive) and 31 concealer shades. You can grab the foundation for $18 while the concalers cost $9.
Colourpop surprised fans with the announcement of launch a purple-themed palette called It’s My Pleasure. This palette was created for all of us fans who bombarded the brand with a request for a purple palette. There are 9 shades and the palette launches tomorrow, January 17th on Colourpop’s site for $12.
Amor Us launched their warm-toned Hey Babe palette on January 15th. The pink packaging features kisses and the 15 shades range from red to yellow with a few neutral/transition shades. The palette costs $9 and is available on Amor Us’ site.
Black Radiance launched a slew of products for a “rebrand” of sorts. There are 8 new products from liquid eye products to highlighting palettes. All of the items cost under $12 and are available on Black Radiance’s site while stores will stock the newbies later.
Kaleido Cosmetics is finally giving us something new to daydream about. The indie brand launched two new eyeshadow palettes that give off summer vibes. The Golden Hour palette is all warm and neutrals tones, reminiscent of the desert or beach. Then the Aquaholic palette serves cool and neutral tones, reminding us of the pool or even the shade of a tree during hot days. Grab either or both the palettes for $14 only on Kaleido’s website.


Makeup Geek announced a rebrand in late 2018 with new shadows, lipsticks, and other products as they expanded in Target stores across America. Well the first wave of new products launched on January 18th with 9 new shadows. Two of the nine shadows are foiled and cost $10 while the remaining seven shadows are pressed, retailing for $6 each. You can grab the shades that catch your eyes online at Makeup Geek.
Barry M launched a “sister” product to their popular Unicorn Elixir Primer Drops. The new Nymph Radiance Serum is a moisturizing primer infused with apricot oil to soften skin and combat redness. The Serum is available on Barry M’s site and costs $10 USD.


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