Influencer Collaborations We Need in 2019

I’ve been thinking about beauty influencers that post creative content and value honesty when reviewing products. These are the influencers that deserve a collaboration with brands; they have shown their devotion to the brand along with demonstrating the products with high aptitude but not succumbing to the temptation of giving a product a rave review when it actually sucks just to stay on the PR list

Let 2019 be the year that the smaller influencers gain the attention they deserve, and brands actually pay attention to the devotion and suggestions of their fans. Some of these suggestions are from me and one is from Reddit’s Beautyguruchatter thread. On to the influencer collaborations that we need this year.

ThatGirlShaexo x Colourpop
One of the most requested and desired collaborations floating in the beauty world. Shae is a huge fan of Colourpop and her live swatches of each new Colourpop product are everything. She isn’t biased about the brand; she has stated that there are some products that do not work for her and certain shades are explained for each skin tone.
Hollife x Makeup Revolution
An extremely underrated influencer, Hollife (Holly Robinson) exudes the devotion to her craft as much as I do for bingeing reality television. The video where she ranks all of the Chocolate palettes from Makeup Revolution is one of my favorites and she gives a no-holds-barred review of the brand. Since MUR is known for working with smaller influencers and giving them a bigger platform, Hollife needs to be on their list because I know she’ll carefully curate the perfect palette (or whatever she chooses to create).
Carmimua x Nyx Cosmetics
Carmimua is one of my favorite male influencers because his personality is so invigorating and his videos never fail to make me smile. His knowledge of makeup is no laughing matter and he clearly applied it to his palette Kiss of Fire, created in collaboration with Makeup Revolution. Usually Nyx doesn’t do product collabs but here’s to Carmi being featured in a promotional campaign for Nyx UK.

RawBeautyKristi x BH Cosmetics or Colourpop
Admittedly I don’t watch Raw Beauty Kristi often but even I know how much she likes BH Cosmetics and Colourpop. Some of her most popular videos and looks are created from products by the brands and her fans are hoping that someone will finally offer Kristi the collaboration project she deserves. One of the theorized products is a cat-themed palette from Colourpop or a cool-tone palette with BH Cosmetics. Whatever it is, Kristi should keep checking her email often for opportunities to show up.
Which influencers did I forget? List your favorites down below and be sure to subscribe for more posts about launches, influencers, and other whimsical beauty content. You should also be following me on any of my social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) so you don’t miss any makeup that doesn’t get posted on the blog.
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