Holiday Haul (Part 2)

The rest of the makeup I ordered during the holidays finally arrived! If you haven’t read about the first part of my haul, click here. On to the makeup.

I bought the Esmeralda II palette by Beauty Creations during their Christmas sale (40% off) and I have used the palette several times, falling in love more and more each time. There are 15 shades within the palette; 7 mattes and 8 shimmers. Now that I have tried this palette, I’ll be grabbing the Esmeralda I palette in the near future. You can grab the palettes individually for $12 or as a bundle for $25.

My Rude Cosmetics makeup was a gift from my friend who took advantage of the three-day sale. I received two of the Cocktail Party palettes (Dirty Mother and Screwdriver), two Attitude Matte lipsticks (Smug and Stuck Up), and the Prelude eyeshadow primer. The primer is decent and the palettes are of really good quality. I like the lipsticks for the color but they aren’t smudge-proof so if you buy any lippies from Rude Cosmetics, keep that in mind.
Amor Us was next and since the brand always offers free shipping, I was able to get the stuff I wanted without worrying about the extra $4 or $5 for postage. I grabbed the Lady Boss palette, three of the 24-hour matte liquid lipsticks (Maple Story, Fashion, My Favorite Color). I bought the Femme Fatale and Remember Me palettes during the last week of December.
Last but not least, I went back to Kara Beauty and bought another palette because the 40% was too tempting to pass up and the brand is getting ready to discontinue these palettes (grab yours quick). I bought the Heavenly Nine palette (part of the Nine Series) then I closed my laptop and refused to spend another dime (at least until the spring sales start!)
My makeup collection is slowly growing with all the items I received during the holidays. The next haul won’t be until mid-February so that gives me plenty of time to play with the new palettes, lippies, and liquid eyeshadows. I am working on swatches and reviews so make sure to follow me on Instagram and check out the swatches or you can head to the swatch gallery here on the blog. Also be sure to subscribe; you don’t want to miss anything!
*Photos were taken by me*
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