Dupe It Up: Ccolor Cosmetics edition

Welcome to the first dupe article of 2019! I recently discovered Ccolor Cosmetics when the brand began to follow me on Instagram. I checked out their site and discovered all of their eyeshadow palettes were dupes, meaning I could create another dupe article for you.
*Updated List here!*

Ccolor Cosmetics is sold on its website with product pictures and details. This brand and doesn’t receive a lot of promotion on Youtube or other platforms. The Trendy Wallet will be one of the platforms today so let me break down the dupes.
Ccolor                                                                       Original
Birthday Wish $12.50
Kat Von D 10-Year Anniversary $52
Dope $12
Laura Lee Los Angeles Nudie Patootie $45
Nightfall $15.50
Huda Beauty Rose Gold $65
Sundown $15.50
Huda Beauty Desert Dusk $65
Around The World $16
Urban Decay Born to Run $49
Deluxe Twilight $13
Natasha Denona Lila $129
Unisex 2 $15
Jeffree Star Cosmetics Beauty Killer $45
Deluxe Sundown $13
Natasha Denona Sunset $129
Deluxe Tropical $13
Natasha Denona Tropic $129
Seaside $10
Urban Decay Beached $34
Obsessed palettes $7 each
Huda Beauty Obsessions $27 each
Angel $10
Kat Von D Divine $38
Unisex 3 $15
Jeffree Star Cosmetics Androgyny $45
cBirthday Wish vs 10-Year Anniversary ($39.5 difference)
Dope vs Nudie Patootie ($33 difference)
Nightfall vs Rose Gold ($49.5 difference)
Sundown vs Desert Dusk ($49.5 difference)
Around the World vs Born to Run ($33 difference)


Deluxe Twilight vs Lila ($116 difference)
Unisex 2 vs Beauty Killer ($30 difference)
Deluxe Sundown vs Sunset ($116 difference)
Deluxe Tropical vs Tropic ($116 difference)
Seaside vs Beached ($24 difference)
Obsessed vs Obsession ($20 difference)
Angel vs Divine ($28 difference)
Unisex 3 vs Androgyny ($30 difference)
Which brand should be featured next on Dupe It Up? This series take a while to research and compile, but I love writing these posts. Be sure to subscribe for more dupes and upcoming launches from indie and drugstore brands. Also follow me on social media (links in sidebar) for additional beauty content.
Photo Credits:
Ccolor Cosmetics (website)
Kat Von D (website and Sephora)
Laura Lee Los Angeles (website)
Huda Beauty (website)
Urban Decay (website)
Natasha Denona (my hush article)
Jeffree Star (website)


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa avery says:

    Can you please email me when you make some Pat McGrath dupes I would really appreciate it.


    1. AJ Monique says:

      Hi! I don’t cover high end brands on this blog. Instead I look at affordable brands and match their dupe palettes to high-end brands like Pat McGrath. I have a few dupe articles coming soon though ☺️


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