Goals for 2019!

Revamp my skin care routine and commit to it!
I haven’t been as serious about skin care as I should be but here’s to 2019 being the year I give my skin the care it deserves. There are a few brands I want to try and this is the year to branch out.

Learn how to do a proper cut crease and halo eye
I can do these types of looks but they never turn out how I want. I want to perfect a technique that yields the best results. I blame Instagram for this ridiculous standard for eye shadow looks…
Perfect my blending technique
I blend, blend, and blend even more but my technique could use some refining so 2019 is a year of growing my skills in makeup.
Slay winged eyeliner
I can do a fabulous cat eye but I am super envious of people who can do “perfect” wings. Teach me your ways!!
Keep my makeup organized
I have a toddler and he gets into everything so I really want to create a space just for my makeup and filming stuff. I’ll need a lock to keep him out but at least I’ll have things organized; I just have to remember to put things away immediately after use.


Create quality Youtube content and build blog traffic
I am so fortunate to have had over 6,000 article reads and over 600 visitors in just over seven months of blogging but I’d like to see even more traffic and comments next year. Plus I am really committing to starting Youtube. I know I said that couple months ago, but things are falling into place (new camera, space to film) so be prepared for my quirky beauty videos.
What are your goals for 2019? Share a couple of your goals in the comments and be sure to subscribe to The Trendy Wallet so you don’t miss a single post in 2019! Also check out my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest for more makeup that isn’t mentioned here on the blog.
*Photos from Pinterest*
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