Holiday Haul (Part 1)

I’m back after a brief vacation! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and ate delicious food. I had a great time celebrating with my boyfriend and our son, who ecstatically played with all of his new toys throughout the day. In return, I got to play with the new makeup my boyfriend bought for me; I haven’t received my items from Rude Cosmetics or Amor Us yet, but I’ll do a separate post about those products.

Kara Beauty announced their 40% sale on December 23 and it lasts until January 2nd. I am always looking for sales or discounts, so I eagerly looked through the site.  I never go crazy when I shop so I managed to spend only $50 on the products from the brand that I desperately yearned for.
I had to buy the Nine Series palettes, previously mentioned in a standalone article. I bought three of the six palettes in the series (Fiery, Classical, and Vintage) and I am in love with each of the palettes. I may have to buy the other three before the sale ends…

Then I bought three of the liquid eye shadows, dubbed Galaxy Bombs by the brand. Lastly, I bought a few of the Liquid Rouge lipsticks before stopping my spending. I’ll post a review of each item I got but this is a quick overview.


It’s safe to say that I feel spoiled. After the tumultuous year for my family, it was nice to celebrate together without worry or stress taking over the joyous holiday. The makeup and other gifts were just a bonus. By the way, the Kara Beauty sale is still happening so check it out before it ends!

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