Retro Makeup

As we all know, the 80’s brought us fashion (shoulder pads are debatable as being fashionable), big hair, and great music that we still groove too. All of these wonderful results from the 80’s but missing from the discussion is often the cosmetics/beauty industry. So why not start reminiscing today?

Keep in mind while you read that I was born in the 90’s so I had no idea what some of these things were. But my mom, a teenager during the height of 80’s thrills, told me a few of the items she used or knew of. And of course, I’ve had few people give me their favorites as well.

Maybelline’s Kissing Potion roller lip gloss
With sugary flavors and advertisements featuring hunky male models and gorgeous actresses, the Kissing Potion was a staple for the teenage girl’s makeup collection.
Lip Smackers
I knew this one because I used them as a young girl and well into my teens. There was a myriad of flavors, from Dr. Pepper to Skittles. Sadly for those of us who live in the States, the founder sold the company and the new owner is focusing sales in Asia, Europe, and Australia. But you can still grab bundles and various flavors online.
Revlon Lustrous lipstick
Lipsticks by Revlon has always been popular, with their red shades being preferred over other drugstore brands. The Lustrous line became iconic once Iman, Cindy Crawford, and Christy Turlington signed on as spokesmodels.
Stiff Stuff hair spray
Apparently this hair spray was a must have for people who aspired to have hair like those guys in rock bands…
80’s Makeup Trends:
Dark lip liner
Bright eye shadow (especially blue or pink)
Blush (lots of it…)
Drugstore brands for the win!
These were the few products that were mentioned to me but drop your 80s’s favorite cosmetics in the comments. Subscribe for more quirky articles like this and share this post! You can also check out my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest for more makeup stuff.


Photo Credits:
Maybelline, Revlon, Stiff Stuff (Pinterest)
Lip Smacker (website)

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