Gone Without A Trace

Since October 8, 2018, the once-popular British beauty brand Models Own has not posted to their social media accounts and access to their website suddenly disappeared. It left me along with many other fans asking what happened. There were displays full of their products in Ulta Stores throughout the summer but then the displays started disappearing in early October..

Turns out the brand has been liquidated, effectively shutting them down. The disheartening part of this situation is that Models Own did not (and still hasn’t) released an official statement on the status of company or what the future holds. I’m not the only person upset with this situation. Fans on Instagram have been voicing their feelings yet the brand still has not stepped forward.
                                                            Hyperglow highlighters
Companies close constantly but most brands release a statement to let fans know. The last product released by Models Own is the Hyperglow Highlighters, launched on October 8th. I loved their products, especially their highlighters and the eye shadow palettes were decent. To think of not being to get another one of the palettes… I digress.
I just wanted to share an update since Models Own hasn’t; I also updated the Brand Index here on the blog to remove the brand. What’s your take on the situation? Leave a comment, rant, or whatever in the comment section.
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*Photos from Models Own’s Instagram*


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