Colourpop Is At It Again!

This collaboration came out of nowhere but I also kind of expected another collaboration to drop before the end of the year. While Becky G’s collaboration with Colourpop launched last week, this week, for the third time this year, Colourpop collaborated with Kathleen Lights.


I have said several times before that I don’t mind influencer collabs but there are so many other beauty influencers who should be recognized and given opportunities. I am not attacking Kathleen Lights in any way so if you are a fan of hers, calm down and please understand what I am saying. I’m just tired of seeing the same people do things with Colourpop, including Shayla (MakeupShayla). In fact, I have an article coming soon with collaborations that need to happen in 2019 so subscribe to this blog for updates on when that post is published.
Anyway, the Twinkling Lights collection is Kathleen’s holiday set with Colourpop and includes four Super Shock Shadows, a lip bundle, or you can purchase each product individually. Truthfully I am underwhelmed by the collection as far as its holiday appeal but I love the Lucky Star lipstick. Twinkling Lights would have been a cute collection for Valentine’s Day but alas… I love Colourpop but I think the product developers should slow down and market the products they are already have.
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