Tis The Season

With the flurry of shopping and hustling to ensure that everything is ticked off our Christmas lists, we hardly think of people who are barely scraping by. I donate something every year, money or supplies, to homeless shelters because I know what it is like to go without basic necessities.
So this year I wanted to declutter a few of my palettes and donate them to organizations that give makeup and other health items to the homeless or less fortunate. If you have any items that you don’t use or have never opened, consider donating them to any of the following organizations.


Beauty Bus: You can donate online or ship your items directly to their address. Beauty Bus delivers cosmetics and even offers makeovers to terminally ill individuals and their families. The volunteers travel to hospitals and after spending time with the patients, a bag containing $150 of product is given. All donated items must be new and six months from expiring.
Project Beauty Share: This organization places more emphasis on hygiene donations but you can also contribute to their beauty donations. Project Beauty Share is based in Spokane, Washington and assists women and families suffering from domestic violence, homelessness, and poverty. There have been a few influencers who have advocated for the organization, with Thataylaa being the most vocal. If you would like to send in any items, Project Beauty Share accepts both new and used makeup but if you are giving away used products, there is a list of what is accepted so be sure to peruse the list before deciding.
Local shelters: There is at least one shelter near you, no matter where you live. Stop by for a visit and ask for the most requested or needed items. Most shelters ask for sheets and other items but will also accept cosmetics, especially for women or teens seeking safety or shelter.
Remember that this is the season for giving and a little donation could go a long way. Check out the organizations and be sure to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest. I have more holiday-inspired posts coming up so subscribe as well!


*All information and the logos for Beauty Bus and Project Beauty Share belong to each respective company. I own nothing*

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