Holiday Surprise Launches

I was preparing another article but that can wait because a few of my favorite indie brands have/are dropping enticing products and I can’t contain my excitement so I’m sharing these with you!

Rude Cosmetics just launched their Badass RudeGirl palette a couple days ago but immediately followed it up with more of their Cocktail palettes! The eye shadow palettes, Dirty Mother and Screwdriver, cost $14 each, contain 12 shades and are designed to be travel-friendly.
          Screwdriver                                                                     Dirty Mother
Then Rude doubled down and released their 3-shade highlighting/eye palettes, Sangria and Mimosa. These cost $10.50 each. You can grab the palettes on Rude Cosmetics’ site.
Because I’m a dedicated fan of Rude Cosmetics, I’ll be getting all the palettes while still saving a few bucks for Christmas decorations 😉
             Sangria                                                         Mimosa
Jcat Beauty took holiday lipsticks to a new level with their new Scene Stealer Ultra Creamy lipsticks. Coming in 36 glistening shades, prepare to mesmerize during the holidays. Each lipstick costs $6 and is available on Jcat’s site.
Beauty Creations has several princess-themed palettes and the newest entry is the long-awaited Anna palette. Having previously released the “Elsa” palette, fans were waiting for Beauty Creations to give us the other half of the popular sister duo from the movie Frozen. Anna features a bold and assertive rainbow of colors, making this a palette you can use throughout the whole year. The palette launched on December 6th!
Amorus is a new brand to The Trendy Wallet (featured in the last recent finds!) but I am loving everything about the brand. The prices, the products, etc. I am doing a haul of products so I’ll give a full review in a later post but for now I want to squeal about their latest launch, the Lady Boss palette. Featuring 15 shades, Lady Boss costs $9 and launched on today. I’m including this palette in my haul so keep an eye out for a review! You find Lady Boss on Amorus’ website.
Bad Habit is releasing a highlighting palette called Crystal Palace and it’s honestly giving me winter wonderland vibes. The packaging is a gorgeous blue with crystals on it and there is a shade for each skin tone. With a total of four shades, Crystal Palace launches on December 6th and will cost $12.
IBY Beauty entered the fray of indie releases today with the news that they are releasing a dual-sided palette; one side consisting of eye shadows and the other side with highlighters/blushes. There is no release date or price yet but they did tease the product and it looks glamorous.

Highlighters                                                              Shadows

I am having so much fun writing these posts for Blogmas. I usually post three times a week but publishing content every day is invigorating. If you have anything you’d like to see for Blogmas, let me know either here in the comments or on my social media (links in sidebar). Also subscribe so you don’t miss the upcoming Blogmas articles!
Photo Credits:
Rude Cosmetics (website)
Jcat Beauty (website)
Beauty Creations (Instagram)
Amorus (website)
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IBY Beauty (Instagram)


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