Recent Finds: IBY Beauty and Amor Us

So I stumbled upon more indie brands this week via Instagram (cause’ where else) and while I’m anticipating my order from Amorus for a review, here’s a bit about these brands.

IBY Beauty is, of course, based in California and the acronym means Inspired By You, something that the brand takes to heart. Fan comments and suggestions are taken seriously and a few of the products that IBY has released stemmed from what their customers have recommended. The brand is cruelty-free and vegan while being mostly affordable.
I really want to try the Poolside Palette ($20) and the Liquid to Matte lipsticks ($10) which come in twelve shades.
Then I found Amorus, a small brand founded in 2015 and has a small following. The most attractive feature of the brand (besides the products, duh!) is the price points. Most of the palettes cost $9, with the other products falling between $4-15. I mean, you can do your holiday shopping for a makeup addict, regardless of skill level, for only $30-$40!
Now I have not tried the brand quite yet so I can’t attest to the quality of the products but I am buying a haul, including some face products, so I can review the products and share some insight with you guys.
I love finding new brands; I get a sort of shivery, goosebump-y feeling because I found yet another brand that will not only save me money but I can blog about it so you can check out the brand and save some change too.
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Photo Credits:
IBY Beauty (Instagram)
Amor Us (website)


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