You Better Not Pout…

It is officially December and you can start panicking now. Christmas is rapidly approaching, meaning holiday parties, traveling to see your family, or any type of social interaction will be prevalent for the month. Since there is a chance that you’ll be talking more during this month than any other month of the year, why not kick Blogmas 2018 off with an article on the best lip colors for the holidays?!

Red- You know that red lips are always in style but especially for the holidays. But there are “undertones” to red lipsticks; some reds have a kind of bluish tint to them. One of my favorite red shades that works for any skin tone is the Covergirl Exhibitionist lipstick in the shade Worthy. Rock your red proudly!
Plum- Don’t be afraid of a dark, bold lip during the holidays! Wearing a dark purple doesn’t symbolize that you despise the holidays, it just means that you don’t want to be part of the status quo. There’s nothing wrong with standing out in the crowd. The perfect plum shade? Kara Beauty’s Cabernet liquid lipstick.
Green- It has to be the right shade of green to give off a holiday vibe. I absolutely love the dark green lippie Dr. M by Colourpop. It screams Christmas, right? For WOC’s, some greens may appear to have a bluish color on your lips, but you can still rock the shade anyway!
Brown/nude- You can never go wrong with a nude but during the Christmas season, why not go a little bolder with a brownish lipstick? L’Oreal’s Les Chocolats in the shade Box o Chocolate is a gorgeous brown (think hot chocolate) and looks beautiful on fair to medium skin tones while it looks like a pretty nude on darker skin tones. It’s just a bonus that this lippie smells like chocolate!


What colors/shades did I miss? Tell me your favorite lip colors for the holidays and make sure you subscribe to The Trendy Wallet because there will a bunch of holiday articles and other beauty stuff. You can also find me on social media (links in sidebar!)
Photo Credits:
Kara Beauty
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