Cosmetic Launch Roundup: December 1-15, 2018

Christmas is almost here! But it seems that some brands are ready to move into the new year early (*cough* Nyx! *cough). Some of these brands are skipping holiday products in favor of something fresh and unique while others are taking advantage of the holiday spirit. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this roundup of products for December.

BH Cosmetics expanded their Ultimate palette collection on Thursday November 27th. The newest addition, Ultimate Matte, is composed of, you guessed it, mattes! This palette contains a full range of shades; neutrals, warm, and cool tones. The Ultimate Matte palette costs $24 regularly but it is on sale now for $19.50 and you can buy it from BH Cosmetics’ site.
Colourpop launched their limited-edition Super Shock Shadow Vault, containing 25 shadows with a few being dual-pans. The Vault costs $99 and there are limited quantities so quickly grab yours if you feel like treating either yourself or a loved one, especially with the holidays rapidly approaching. The Vault is available only on Colourpop’s website.
Then a surprise drop from Colourpop occurred on November 27th! The brand released several new items exclusive to Ulta… You can grab these items on Ulta’s website!
Bisous Bisous! Ultra Glossy lip bundle $16
Oui, Oui! Ultra Glossy lip bundle $16
Sweet Nothings eyeshadow palette $16
Rendezvous eyeshadow palette $16
Crème de la Crème highlighter palette $18
Fourth Ray Beauty launched a few months ago to great success. To celebrate their fans and how popular the skin care products are, the brand launched a limited-edition refrigerator for the Stay Chill Kit. Included in Stay Chill is the refrigerator and the full collection of their original products (cleansers, rose quartz roller) and a set of stickers. The Stay Chill Kit costs $150 (good present for skin care lovers) and is available via Fourth Ray Beauty’s site.
Zoeva Cosmetics graced us with the limited-edition Eclectic Eyes palettes. Designed to create breathtaking holidays looks, Eclectic Eyes features shades like plum, orchid, blue, and earthy browns. The palette costs $26.50 and is available on Zoeva’s site.
Wet N’ Wild is helping us securing our face makeup with their new Photo Focus Primer Water. I love the three variations of the primer. There is In Love With Coco, Cool As A Cucumber, and Rose Addiction. Each primer costs $4.50! You can pick one (or all three!) up on Wet N’ Wild’s website. There has not been a release date given for when these will be at Ulta but stay tuned!
Makeup Revolution releases a large palette every year during the holidays and this year is no different. The Color Spectrum palette has 196 shades and launched on November 28th. Since there are so many colors in the palette, it costs a bit more money but still quite affordable at $34. However, the palette is on sale for $17 today. Get the palette on Makeup Revolution’s site.
Kleancolor launched their Jelly Junkie eyeshadows and a few comments alluded to the similarity of these shadows to Colourpop’s Jelly Much shadows… Anyway, the Jelly Junkie shadows cost $2 each and there are twelve shades, ranging from pink to blue to green to brown. You can grab the shadows at Kleancolor’s site.
Rude Cosmetics is forgoing holiday spirit…. To bring us girl power and superhero vibes! The Badass RudeGirl palette is the sixth “book” of eyeshadows from the brand and features the shades you’ need for winter. The palette costs $21.50 and is only available on Rude Cosmetics’ site.
Barry M wants you to sparkle during the holiday season with their Liquid Glitter Sparkle Drops. There are three colors, silver (OTT), light purple (Feels), and pale pink (Poppin), with an intense glittery effect. The drops are available on Barry M’s site and retail for $10USD.
Nyx Cosmetics is bringing spring 2019 early with their Candy Slick Glow lip glosses. Originally meant to launch during the spring of 2019, Nyx couldn’t wait to sweeten our lives, so they launched the glosses early. There are twelve shades, each costing $6.50, and are available on Nyx’s site and will be available at Ulta in a couple weeks.
Colourpop announced their latest collaboration on November 27th, this time with the popular musician Becky G. The Savaje collection looks simple, but the packaging is gorgeous, appealing to me because I love floral packaging. Anyway, Salvaje includes an eyeshadow palette, 5 liquid lipsticks, and 2 setting powders.
Becky stated that the collection is inspired by her Latin heritage and she feels honored to be the first musician to collaborate with Colourpop. Salvaje launched December 5th at 10am PST!


Moira Cosmetics revealed their new palette, Electric Nights, and a few of the shades remind of Kara Beauty’s Heavenly Nine palettes. Electric Nights is a versatile palette, featuring twenty shades, three highlighting shades, and a blush. The palette launched on December 4th and costs $22.
Sparrow Cosmetics is pulling inspiration from the UK and the ever-popular Spice Girls for their new collection, Power of 5. This collection features an eyeshadow palette, loose glitters ($2.50), highlighters, and lashes ($8). If you purchase the entire Power of 5, it costs $62, which honestly is a good price. The palette’s packaging is cute and retro so I’ll probably end up buying it. Preorders start December 2nd on Sparrow Cosmetics site!
Leave your thoughts about these launches in the comments. I find all of the products intriguing but I’ll have to contemplate the ones that I actually want to purchase. Don’t forget to subscribe for the upcoming slew of articles during December and also follow on either Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.
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