Cosmetic Launch Roundup: November 7-15, 2018

Interrupting your holiday product forecast to bring you product launches that feature glitter and fun colors! I love the holidays but honestly I’m glad that most brands are still focusing on other themes or concepts. I know you’re curious so let’s get on to the launches.

Rude Cosmetics can’t get a day off to save their lives! If you got the Rich Lux reference, you’re my kind of person. Anyway, Rude Cosmetics launched their Hypnotic Hyper Duochrome eyeshadows which swatch beautifully and the shadows look so creamy. Each shadow costs $6 and there are 8 shades total. You can grab the Hypnotic Hyper Duochrome shadows on Rude Cosmetics’ site.

Jcat Beauty refuses to slack in product development so they gave us something that I personally was not expecting. The Vanity Goddess Chromatic Pigment are eyeshadow glitter jars in 12 shades; four metallic and 8 foil. The colors are stunning, with the glitter not overwhelming that actual shade. Each pigment costs $6 and are only available on Jcat Beauty’s website.
Maybelline went in with all of their products this year and their newest product is no different. The Snapscara mascara helps lash curl and look like false lashes. There are four shades of this mascara: black, blue, dark brown, and purple.
Maybelline makes a bold claim that their newest mascara won’t leave lashes looking clumpy and without flakiness. It is also easily washable. Snapscara is available at Walgreens/CVS, Walmart, and online at Maybelline’s site.
Zoeva Cosmetics launched their newest collection on November 12 entitled Spice of Life. There have only been sneak peeks of this collection but there is an eyeshadow palette and a blush palette. I absolutely love the packaging, a bold plum shade with intricate shapes on it. Keep an eye out for updates here on the Trendy Wallet!
Makeup Revolution released a slew of products today (November 9) but we’ll be talking about the highly anticipated glitter palettes that were teased over a month ago. The Shake and Sparkle palettes feature nine shades each and there are three palettes total. The Fortune Seeker palette features a pretty lavender packaging with a matching purple eyeshadow theme. One True Love plays one pink theme and the shades actually give a dreamy vibe, with pinks, purples, and light neutrals. Lastly, Starry Eyed has teal packaging and contains blues, reds, and neutrals. Each palette costs $15 and is available on Revolution’s site.
                                                                                            Starry Eyed
                                                                                            One True Love
                                                                                           Fortune Seeker
Colourpop Cosmetics released their collaboration with Bretman Rock on November 9th to much hype. I did a separate article with all the details and pictures but basically… The collection features two eyeshadow palettes, two lip bundles, two body glitters, and two Super Shock highlighters. The Colourpop x Bretman Rock collaboration is available on Colourpop’s site.
Makeup Geek has been teasing their Stroke of Midnight palette for over three weeks and we still don’t have any idea of the colors in the palette. I do know that the palette will cost $35, which is the standard for Makeup Geek. Stay tuned for updates on this release!
This is the first time that I have wanted every single item on a Roundup! Each brand is bringing their “A” game and I’ve glad to have a break from writing about holiday products. Which launch are you grabbing? Sound off in the comments and subscribe while you’re at it.
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Photo Credits:
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