Holiday Collections of 2018 (Part 2)

I’m back with even more holiday products from some of our favorite drugstore brands! If you have not read part 1, I recommend that you check that article first. Ready… Set… Go!

Ardell: (Ulta stores or online)
Demi Wispies Natural Multipack $12 (4 pairs)    Lash Multipack Wispies $12 (4 pairs)
Magnetic Lash Accent #001 $14 (2 pairs)

BH Cosmetics: (Online or at Ulta)
Royal Affair palette $18          Brush set $24.50
Liquid Linen lip set $25          3-piece Glitter Set $19.50
Petite Highlight set $22.50

Essential Minis $15               Color Me Healthy Holiday Set $15

Lip set

Milani: (Launches online November 14)
Lip Plumpers (Limited Edition) $9      Metallic Lights eyeliners $8

Ulta Beauty: (Online or in Ulta stores)
Sparkle & Shine 65 Piece Collection $30        Line It Up 5-Piece Gel Lip Liner Kit $16
Lip Service Kit $14                                          Glam & Glow 53 Piece Collection $20
Matchmaker $16 (Lip set)                               Get In Line 5-Piece Gel Eye Liner Kit $16
Beauty Boss Kit $18                                        Lip Glossary $16

I hope this gives you some ideas for holiday gifts. If not, I still have more collections to sort through so subscribe to The Trendy Wallet for Part 3! Also follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest for more makeup and holiday stuff.

Photo Credits:
Ardell (Ulta’s website)
BH Cosmetics (website and Ulta’s website)
Physician’s Formula (website)
Milani (Twitter)
Ulta Beauty (website)

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