Colourpop Dupes Itself?

Colourpop Cosmetics dropped a teaser on Monday November 5th with a photo of popular beauty influencer Bretman Rock. Everyone immediately knew that this meant a collaboration, but nothing could have prepared me for a déjà vu moment.

In July, Colourpop released their Sol+Mar collection, which featured two eye shadow palettes with influences from the Sun (Sol; warm tones) and the Sea (Mar; cool tones). Colourpop Cult, a Colourpop fan page run by Emma O, posted swatches and pictures of the Wet and Lit palettes. I was struck with déjà vu and I tried to recall where I had seen those colors and voila! The Sol and Mar palettes. Lit and Wet are not exact dupes but the shades are too similar to ignore.

Wet                            Lit

The Wet collection features blue/white packaging and Lit has red/yellow packaging. Each collection or “vibe” contains an eyeshadow palette, a lip bundle, a Super Shock highlighter, and a body glitter. The Bretman x Colourpop collaboration launches on November 9th at 10am PST. There will also be a PR edition for sale as well.
                           Lit collection                                                   Wet collection
After the successful collaborations Colourpop did with Kathleen Lights and MakeupShayla, I can’t say that I am impressed with this one. I watch Bretman’s skits on Instagram and his other collaborations with other brands have been eye-catching, but I think I’ll pass on this one. What are your thoughts about this collection?
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