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There’s a new indie brand coming to town on November 6th. Mavie Cosmetics has sent out PR to several influencers, leading the hashtag #CallMeMavie while sharing pictures of their products via their Instastories. Starting out with six eyeshadow palettes, two eyeshadow quads, and several lipsticks, Mavie Cosmetics is here to slay. With a message about empowering each other and exploring what makes us unique, how could I not support this brand?

The six palettes have nine pans and are inspired by major cities throughout the world; Tokyo, Stockholm, Los Angeles, Paris, Santorini, and Hong Kong. Based on first impressions, Santorini and Tokyo immediately caught my eye with their shades and packaging.
eee0e-screenshot_2018-11-022b2523maviecosmetics2bhashtag2bon2binstagram2b25e2258025a22bphotos2band2bvideos252812529                c1a16-screenshot_2018-11-022b2523callmemavie2bhashtag2bon2binstagram2b25e2258025a22bphotos2band2bvideos252812529

The quads are rather simple and neutral toned palettes, with two mattes and two shimmers. There is a blush for every skin tone, ranging from a peach to coral. Then the eight lipsticks, called Power Charms, have a limited shade range but it isn’t bad considering this is small brand. The lipsticks range from beige to peach to reds.

38482-screenshot_2018-11-022b2523callmemavie2bhashtag2bon2binstagram2b25e2258025a22bphotos2band2bvideos                    10c33-screenshot_2018-11-022b2523callmemavie2bhashtag2bon2binstagram2b25e2258025a22bphotos2band2bvideos252822529

Mavie Cosmetics launched on November 6th and I for one am excited to see a new indie brand. You can check out their Instagram (tag me!). What are your thoughts on Mavie?
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#CallMeMavie on Instagram

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