Dupe It Up: Ucanbe edition

Welcome to Dupe It Up, where I present dupes of popular or mainstream brands and their dupes. I wasn’t planning to do this article due to the lukewarm reception but I love doing posts about dupes so here we are. You can thank Amazon for sort of recommending this post, since I found Ucanbe Cosmetics through them.

Ucanbe Cosmetics has a full range of items but their palettes are the most popular because they are high-quality dupes and the prices are cheaper than the original brand’s prices. Let’s get on with the dupes, shall we?
Ucanbe                                                                Original
Twilight & Dusk 1 $11
Huda Beauty Rose Gold $65
Twilight & Dusk 2 $11
Huda Beauty Desert Dusk $65
Molten Rock $10 or $14.99*
Urban Decay Naked Heat $54
Double Exposure $10 or $14.99*
Urban Decay Naked $27
Emancipation $9
ABH Subculture $42
Auroral Belt highlighting palette $9
Kat Von D Alchemist $32
Dreamland $11
Lime Crime Venus XL $56
*Molten Rock and Double Exposure are bundled for $15 on Amazon!
Twilight & Dusk 1 vs Rose Gold ($54 difference)
f3ab1-screenshot_2018-11-072bsixteenth2bbatch2bof2barticles                      ce464-rose-gold_4-copy-hi-res
Twilight & Dusk 2 vs Desert Dusk ($54 difference)

ba8cf-screenshot_2018-11-072bsixteenth2bbatch2bof2barticles252822529            38c52-screenshot_2018-11-072bsixteenth2bbatch2bof2barticles252832529

Molten Rock vs Naked Heat ($44 difference)

35a59-screenshot_2018-11-072bsixteenth2bbatch2bof2barticles252842529              ecb4a-screenshot_2018-11-072bsixteenth2bbatch2bof2barticles252852529

Double Exposure vs Naked ($44 difference)
9155c-screenshot_2018-11-072bsixteenth2bbatch2bof2barticles252862529          45ede-screenshot_2018-11-072bsixteenth2bbatch2bof2barticles252872529
Emancipation vs Subculture ($33 difference)
Auroral Belt vs Alchemist ($23 difference)
4c030-screenshot_2018-11-072bsixteenth2bbatch2bof2barticles2528102529                            b587e-screenshot_2018-11-072bsixteenth2bbatch2bof2barticles2528112529
Dreamland vs Venus XL ($45 difference)
539bc-screenshot_2018-11-072bsixteenth2bbatch2bof2barticles2528122529                      f46a1-screenshot_2018-11-072bsixteenth2bbatch2bof2barticles2528132529
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Photos Credit:
Ucanbe Cosmetics (Amazon)
Urban Decay
Huda Beauty
Lime Crime
Anastasia Beverly Hills

Kat Von D

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