Dupes I’d Love to See

I like saving money and if you read this blog regularly, you like saving your change for a rainy day as well. There are so many beautiful products out there but with an unattractive price tag. With this in mind, I wanted to share the palettes that I’d love to own but since the price is too much, I’m calling for a dupe to be made!

Huda Beauty Obsessions (Amethyst, Emerald, Topaz, Sapphire, Ruby) $27 each
Bad Habit already duped the original 6 palettes that Huda Beauty released last year but with the new jewel themed palettes being launched a couple months ago, I am eagerly waiting for Bad Habit to release these dupes.

Dose of Colors x Desi&Katy Friendcation
I’m sorry but I refuse to pay $55 for anything makeup item unless it’s one of those giant gift sets with a bunch of products in it. I love the color scheme and after watching ThatGirlShaexo on Youtube, I was sold on the palette but not the cost. So I’m sitting here watching and waiting for this to be replicated.

BPerfect Cosmetics Stacy Marie Carnival palette $52

British makeup artist extradonaire Stacy Marie collaborated with BPerfect Cosmetics to give us rainbow in a few pans. The Carnival palette features 17 mattes, 7 shimmers, and 2 highlighters. I love the arrangement of the shades and the colors themselves look gorgeous. I love a good colorful look but I won’t spend $52 on a single palette, even if it has an incredible formula. I’ll anticipate a dupe.

What products would you like to see? Eye shadow palettes are the easiest and most popular to dupe and for people who get offended by the thought of a “plagiarized” product, if brands would have decent prices instead of marking them up, there wouldn’t be dupes.

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Photo Credits:
Huda Beauty
Dose of Colors
BPerfect Cosmetics

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