Profusion Explosion

One of the most popular indie brands of 2018 is Profusion Cosmetics. Ever since the brand expanded into Target, makeup addicts have rushed to pick up the inexpensive yet superbly pigmented palettes, cute lipsticks, and face products. With comparable prices to e.l.f Cosmetics, Profusion is simply a must-have brand for your collection. Most of the products cost from $5 to $20.

While it has been running since the 90’s, the brand is an indie brand and similarly to Makeup Geek found mainstream success through its partnership with Target. Fans will eagerly recommend palettes such as Pro Pigment, one of the most popular palettes seen on Instagram right now due to its ratio of bright to demure colors and impressive pigment and minimal fallout.
Gorgeous, right?! ($10)
The fall collection had holographic packaging and ranged from pinks to purples, greens to browns while the face palettes gave highlighting shades that suited the subtle makeup for the autumn season. The Chocolates palette is another popular eyeshadow palette and the Sculpt & Glow palette sold out at my local Target.
Daytime palette
For light to medium skin tones
Gear up because Profusion has been teasing their newest collection for the winter/holidays and the colors are captivating. If you want to know more about the new products… You’ll have to come back and check out the next Cosmetic Launch Roundup! You can purchase Profusion on their site or at Target!

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