Challenge The Standards

There is a new beauty brand heading our way and I don’t think any of us are ready for it. Created by professional makeup artists with a goal of developing “luxury” products but with an affordable price tag, Private Society Cosmetics is shaping up to be the change we desperately need in the beauty industry.

Private Society Cosmetics has its own distinctive features that hint at what the beauty industry should be anxiously waiting for. First off, you must be “initiated” into the society by way of an existing member who requests code for you to use. Once you have used the code, you will be able to gain access to the site and the products. There are more perks as a member so I’m curious to see the base price for each item then how the membership perks work. Plus the brand is cruelty-free,and paraben-free.

 Update! The brand launched on November 1st and the membership pricing is $25. You still need to ask a current member to request a code for you to be “initiated” into the society. The brand also offers free shipping.

I love the idea of a brand doing something so unique but if those of us who have been following the brand since it first popped up (as a sponsored post) are not offered memberships, it will make things difficult for me to give you guys first impressions. I myself have been following via Instagram since the brand had almost 1,000 followers and I can tell you that I would be “upset” to not at least get an invite (laughs). In all seriousness, the brand will not be excluding people but the vetting process is interesting.

If you love makeup with cool product names like Girl Boss or Bad Betch, you seriously have to consider at least checking out Private Society. The packaging and names alone are selling points; how many other brands are using “out there” titles for their palettes or lipsticks? The brand already has a plethora pf products just waiting to be shipped and enthused about by makeup addicts. There have been sneaks peeks of the palettes Girl Boss (for warm tone fans), Bad Betch (cool tones), and Provocative Eyes (cool toned blues, pinks, and neutrals). The pan shapes are quite innovative, being either a shield shape or the shape of a lock.


I honestly can not wait to see all that Private Society Cosmetics has to offer. Thankfully the team behind the brand agreed on launching within the first week of November so we only have a couple days left. What are your thoughts about the brand challenging the confines of what a beauty brand should be?

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