Recent Finds: W7, Moira, and Kaleido

Back again with more indie brands I recently discovered through Twitter and Instagram. W7 Cosmetics is purely an accidental find due to someone comparing a W7 palette to a Bad Habit Beauty palette. Then a follower of mine on Instagram shared a post of a palette from Moira Beauty and immediately intrigued by the quality of the products as demonstrated by a small content creator. Kaleido Cosmetics had a sponsored post and I followed the brand after seeing how affordable the brand is and the unique products it creates.
Keep in mind that I have not tried these brands just yet (stay tuned!) but my Recent Finds series is basically a spotlight on indie brands whom, in my opinion, deserve more attention.
Let’s start with W7 Cosmetics. Created and based in London, W7 has been running since 2002 but just recently hit a more “mainstream” presence, at least for indie brand followers. The brand is admittedly lacking in a diverse shade range for their foundations and concealers but their products are cruelty-free and a few are vegan. If you are looking for passable dupes of high-end palettes, W7 is a brand to check out at due to the prices ($12.95) and what seems to be decent quality. The brand has slowly grown its inventory to over 500 items and besides their palettes, fans seem to cherish the lip products as well. You can check out W7 here.
Dusk till Dawn palette $13
Glitter Pop lipsticks $7
Moira Beauty… I have been anxious to try one of this indie brand’s eyeshadow palettes. Moira Beauty is based in California (where else?) and produces both makeup and skin care products. As with most brands, Moira’s eyeshadow palettes are among the most popular items but there is something to be said about a brand that completely sells out of their foundation line. I have been on a skin care kick so I might grab a cleanser and see how it checks out. Moira Beauty is sold on their website.
Natural Glow Scrub $10
Meant to be Eye/Face palette $22
On par with L.A Girl and Essence Makeup’s prices, Kaleido Cosmetics simply can’t be missed for beauty addicts on a budget. Chloe Severigny created the brand after spending two years traveling and gaining inspiration by the places she visited. If you are like natural cosmetics, Kaleido boasts cruelty-free, talc-free, paraben-free, and vegan products all made from scratch and to order.

In two years, Chloe has built a modest brand, with a span of items for face, eyes, and lips. I am most intrigued to try the Lava Lips, liquid lipsticks with a metallic/foiled finish costing $7 each. For the eyes the Crazy Foils are $7 for two eyeshadow shades that work in harmony to create beautiful foiled looks. All of the products are under $20 and only available on Kaleido Cosmetics.
Crazy Foils (Game Changer) $7
Lava Lips (Sunshield) $7
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