Cosmetic Launch Roundup: October 16-31, 2018

Collaborations or multiple palette launches seem to be on trend for the last weeks of October. We have the usual roundup suspects like Makeup Revolution and Jcat Beauty, but Revlon has joined the Roundup for the first time! (Applause!) What do you say we just get into these thrilling releases?

If you are an Ulta fanatic like moi, you would know that Makeup Revolution’snewest collection has been sitting at select Ulta stores for at least a week. The brand finally announced (via Instagram) the Jewel Collection on October 12, listing the places you could buy and the deets on each product within the collection.

There are three “versions” in the collection, with three eyeshadow palettes ($15 each), three lip toppers ($6 each), and three jelly highlighters ($9 each) respective to each theme. The silverjewel includes the Opulent eyeshadow palette, Dazzling highlighter, and Fortune lip topper.
The rose gold version has the Deluxe eyeshadow palette, Prestigious highlighter, and Luxurious lip topper. Finally, the goldversion contains the Gilded palette, Monumental highlighter, and Exquisite lip topper. 
Deluxe version

Gilded Version

Opulent version
You can grab these products on Revolution’s website (international shipping!), in select Ulta stores, or on Ulta’s website (US and Canada shipping only).

Bad Habit Beautyis in full effect with their newest product within their Luxe series! If you have read the dupe article, you know that the Luxe series of palettes are dupes of the Pat McGrath Mothership palettes. The latest from Bad Habit is Cult Mayhem, a dupe of the Mothership IV: Decadence palette.
You can grab Mayhem on Bad Habit’s site for $24.

Barry M creates some of the best baked eyeshadow palettes in the industry. The Treasure Chest palette gave us jewel vibes earlier in the summer but Barry M is now giving us island vibes with their new Shipwrecked palette! Featuring 18 shades, Shipwrecked reminds of a beach with the gorgeous ocean spread out in every direction. This palette is on my wish list for the holidays and should be on yours too. You can grab Shipwrecked on Barry M’s website for $12.99.
Revlon has been working on their new collection for a while now but the first product is finally here. The #Photoready Candid Foundation is free of parabens, fragrances, and synthetic dyes. The foundation comes in 31 shades with only 5 shades for darker skin tones (really??) but hopefully Revlon will expand to cater to medium to deep skin tones. The Candid foundation is available at CVS/Walgreens, Ulta, Walmart, Target, and Rite Aid (prices vary).
Candid foundation

One of my favorite brands I consider to be “budget luxury”, Zoeva Cosmetics, dropped two collections this month and I am so excited! The newest collection, All Night Long, has drawn inspiration from the glam rock genre and contains a 15-pan eyeshadow palette, and a five piece brush set. Both items in this collection are more costly than we usually see from Zoeva, with the palette costing $40 and the brush set $58. But there are several other stunning palettes from the brand for $26 (I love the Aristo palette). The All Night Long collection is only available on Zoeva’s website.

All Night brush set
THE palette 🙂
Jcat Beauty isn’t slowing down as the brand just dropped two new palettes in the Eye-Maginecollection. Each palette contains 35 shades; Eye Came Alive features earthy and warm tones while As Eye Wish serves cool tones. You can grab the palettes for $18 each on Jcat’s website.
As Eye Wish

Eye Come Alive
Iman Cosmeticsis finally back with a fall collection for our WOC! The fall collection is called Urban Legends, with many new products that culminate into different “looks” such as The Empress, The Nymph, The Alchemist, and more. One of the new items is the Eye Con Kit, which contains four 3-pan eyeshadow palettes, an eyebrow pencil, and a eyeliner. The kit costs $15 and you can check out the rest of the new collection for yourself. All the products are only available on Iman Cosmetics and sell out fairly quickly so grab the things that you want while they’re in stock.
Eye Con Kit

Coming Soon
Colourpop Cosmeticshad to scramble to ensure that this launch stayed under wraps, though those with Twitter accounts had the deets. Colourpop accidentally tweeted out their newest product, No Filter Stix, and a few fans managed to get screenshots before the brand removed the tweet. Colourpop then took to Instagram with a few swatches of the Stix, asking fans to guess. One “lucky” fan revealed the name and how she knew, causing chaos and Colourpop went Game of Thrones, saying “You know nothing, Jon Snow!”
Love this range!
Anyway, the No Filter Stix are part of the brand’s ultra popular No Filter collection that launched earlier this year. This new entry will be foundation sticks with a seemingly matte formula so if you have dry skin, make sure to use a hydrating primer before you do your face makeup. The No Filter Stix launch on October 18 at 10am PST.

Makeup Revolution’ssub-brand I Heart Revolution teased three new palettes with the most gorgeous and innovative packaging I have seen from MUR. The packaging looks to be a hard cover with liquid glitter enclosed with a hard plastic. Once you open the palette, you are greeted with stupendous colors coinciding with the colors of the glitter/packaging. There is no official launch date but we may be seeing these babies by the end of October.
That packaging tho!
Rude Cosmetics has several palettes in the works (as usual) but the brand decided to take us back to the summer with their upcoming Bikini Bottom palette, launching sometime this week. Bikini Bottom features 18 shades and the packaging is… interesting to say the least. All of the shimmer shades are quite beautiful and I personally can’t wait for this palette to be released! There is no official release date but stay tuned for updates!
Bikini Bottom
Beauty Creationsis joining the collaboration train but not with an influencer, choosing instead to honor their CEO with her own set of palettes. Esmeralda Hernandez created two palettes in her name, Esmeralda and Esmeralda II, which launch on October 24th. Each palette contains 15 shades and while the shades have been shown, there has not been a price given for the palettes. Guess we’ll just have to wait until October 24.
Esmeralda 1 (Top) Esmeralda 2 (Bottom)
Another Roundup finished! I have been impressed with Beauty Creations’ launches this month, so the Esmeralda palettes are on my haul list along with Barry M. I personally don’t care for the Revlon foundation but I would try it because it could be really good and I did see my shade. Oh and of course Iman Cosmetics is on my list to buy. Just hope I can grab the products before they sell out!

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