Another Beauty "Trend?"

Eyeshadow palettes aren’t going anywhere though there aren’t many colors left to throw together and sell to consumers. Tell me the last palette that seemed unique enough for you to purchase (I’ll wait). It seems that the shades themselves don’t really matter as much as the packaging or concept of the palette.
This applies to the new “trend”; releasing several palettes at once, sometimes without a seamless theme. BH Cosmetics, Beauty Creations, and several other brands have been releasing two or more palettes at one time which, if you are like me, gets frustrating especially when you want all the palettes, but they aren’t bundled.

Beauty Creationslaunched their Espresso Yourselfpalettes, called Latte and Espresso. I actually like the concept of the palettes and the shades are very pretty. I have said before that I don’t care for neutral shades except for like transition shades or if I want a natural look, but these two palettes are definitely changing my mind. The Espresso Yourself palettes are available as a bundle (thankfully) for $25 or you can grab them individually for $15 each.
Top: Espresso   Bottom: Latte

BH Cosmeticsknows that not every eyeshadow look can transfer from morning to noon to night so they kept this in mind for their three new palettes. Each of the palettes contain 16 shades and have quite different color schemes. Afternoon Rendezvous is that palette meant for grabbing a quick bite to eat and meeting up with friends; the colors are perfect for a smoky eye you can wear to work.
Afternoon Rendezvous
Moroccan Sunset is perfect for the afternoon leading into the evening… You know, when you get out of work and don’t feel like staying home and cooking. Get glam and head out for a nice dinner! Anyway… then the third palette, Midnight Affair, is definitely for smoky eye fans. The purples, blues, and darker shades like gray and black will definitely be for those who can’t let go of the night and want to live it up for at least a few more hours.
Moroccan Sunset
Midnight Affair

The best part about these palettes is that BH Cosmetics has been discounting them ever since their release last week! Grab each palette for $9 (there is no bundle offer) before they go back to their original price of $12.
Nyx Cosmeticslaunched their Machinist collection with three palettes ($25 each) but I don’t feel like explaining that all again so check out that post here.
What are your thoughts on multiple palette releases? I am all for collections with other products in it but I am conflicted over brands that release two or more palettes at one time. As for which palettes I would like to buy, I’m going with the Beauty Creations palettes (hello, bundle deal!)
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