Top 3 Beauty Gadgets of October

We all know that brushes and beauty sponges are essential to makeup application but when it comes to cleaning them, we could all use a little help. Same goes for creating gorgeous eye looks; some people have perfected the cut crease or halo eye looks while the rest of us struggle. With this in mind, we’re taking a look at a few beauty gadgets that have made applying makeup easier.

Makeup eraser pens– These are a HG (holy grail) of mine. I recently bought one from Rude Cosmetics and it has been extremely useful for small eyeshadow or eyeliner mistakes. The struggle is (NOT) real for those of you who are using eraser pens. Those of you who have not tried these, I would definitely recommend them, especially if you have trouble with eyeliner.
Surgically Precise Makeup Eraser $6
Brush Cleaner– Thanks to Carmimua, I recently discovered a new and faster way to clean and dry my brushes. The Stylpro Makeup Brush Cleaner was invented by Tom Pellegreau and originally was sold for $50. You can now grab one from Costco’s website for only $30! The entire process of cleaning and drying one brush lasts for one minute, meaning that it takes me about 12 minutes to clean twelve brushes. Talk about convenient!
$30 Brush Cleaner/Dryer
Quick CreaseGlamlite Cosmetics took notice of how many makeup enthusiasts had difficulties doing the perfect cut crease so they remedied that situation with the Quick Crease. This handy little tool ($25) is shaped to fit your eye and makes it simple to create the perfect cut crease. Put concealer on one side of the gadget, line it up to your eye and apply it… Voila! The cut crease is ready and now you can add your shimmer or glitter! I haven’t bought this yet but when I found it, I just had to share this with you guys.

All three beauty gadgets are a makeup addict’s dream. Cleaning your brushes in record time, finally getting the perfect cut crease? Sign me up! Have you ever tried any of these yet? If you have a recommendation, share it below! I would love to find more beauty tools to make applying cosmetics easier.
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Photo Credits:
Rude Cosmetics (website)
Costco (website)
Glamlite Cosmetics (website)

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