Cosmetic Launch Roundup: October 1-15, 2018

We are officially in the month of October and it’s hard to believe that there are only two months left of 2018! I am excited to see what else the beauty industry comes up with for the remainder of the year, but first we need to celebrate the fall season with this roundup.

Makeup Revolution is back at it again! There were several releases done this past week from lip glosses to the new palettes included in the advent calendars/holiday collections. The new Supreme Gloss Lip Pigments are here to slay! These lippies come in 10 shades and retail for $7 each. I personally like 7 of the shades so we’ll see how they turn out once I get them.

I am so thankful that MUR is one of the few brands that readily makes their holiday collections available for all of their fans. The brand has launched two collections: the Chocolate Vault and the Chocolate Heart. Both collections have exclusive eyeshadow palettes, which I hope they release individually as well.
Chocolate Heart
Chocolate Vault
The Chocolate Vault contains 6 eyeshadow palettes, 2 face palettes, and 3 lip glosses. The Vault contains 3 exclusive palettes; Smores, Cranberries & Chocolate, and Strawberry Cheesecake. This collection costs $110, which seems like a lot of money but each eyeshadow palette costs $15 and I actually don’t have any of newer chocolate palettes so I may pick this Vault up. Only available on MUR’s website.
Strawberry Cheescake
Meanwhile, the Chocolate Heart has two eyeshadow palettes exclusive to the collection: Red Velvet and Peanut Butter. Red Velvet comes in a beautiful red packaging with white chocolate dripping down. The Peanut Butter palette is my favorite in the collection and has a gold packaging with brown drippings. The Heart costs $50. Unfortunately this is out of stock but by popular demand, this collection will be back up on MUR’s website soon enough.
Peanut Butter

Sparrow Cosmetics drew inspiration from Youtuber Jenna Marbles for their new collection, Jenna’s Ratchet Salon. This new collection has no official launch date but if you subscribed for Sparrow newsletters, they release the details for the collection. Jenna’s Ratchet Salon features an eyeshadow palette ($42), a highlighter ($10), a blush ($6), lashes ($8), and pressed glitters ($8 bundle or $3.50 individual). Stay tuned for updates on this collection.

Rude Cosmetics has four eyeshadow “books” with different themes and the brand just launched the 5th with no warning. Introducing… The Rude Awakening! The artwork is superior to what has been on the market recently and I absolutely love the concept. The palette features 35 shades, all perfect for fall and could be the only palette you need for creating your Halloween looks. The Rude Awakening retails for $21.50 and is available on Rude Cosmetics’ site.

Catrice Cosmetics has created a beautiful eyeshadow palette in collaboration with beauty influencer Melly Sanchez (known as thefashionfreakk on Instagram). The Paradise Desert palette features 16 shades, from bold neutrals to vivid colors to go from day to night glam easily. The palette costs $15 and can be found on Catrice’s site or on Ulta’s site.

De’Lanci is one of the smaller brands discussed here on The Trendy Wallet. The brand released a picture of their upcoming Heartquake palette on Instagram and fans were shaking with excitement. Featuring 16 shades spanning the rainbow, this palette is beautifully arranged and the packaging is whimsical (in a good way). This palette may be a dupe of the Urban Decay Spectrum palette so if it is, you can save money! The Heartquake palette launches soon.

Menagerie Cosmetics, formerly known as Makeup Monsters, is gearing up for its first release. If you hadn’t heard of Makeup Monsters, I covered the brand here. The owner wanted to rebrand MM and focus on animal welfare and the products released under Menagerie Cosmetics will be focusing on animals with a portion of the profits going to organizations for the benefit of animals. With that being said, the first product from Menagerie is the Feral palette, inspired by wolves and nature. 
This palette is jaw-dropping right? Of course there was negativity on Instagram from people who were a bit irritated that the top row consists of the transition/neutral shades but I love how the palette is organized and the colors themselves are stunning. The Feral palette will be available for preorder on October 5th at 11am PST for $40.
Beauty Creations is another indie brand making moves. Beauty Creations recently released their Unicorn collection, filled with all the glitter and vivid colors you could want. Even more exciting came the news that the brand would be continuing their collection of Princess palettes. The first two, Elsa and Olivia, were launched earlier this year and proved to be extremely popular for those who knew about them. So, it made sense that Beauty Creations would capitalize on the palettes. They are gracing us with new packaging for the rest of their Princess palettes.
Emma, Aurora, Jasmin, Ruby, Leia, Valentina, Bella, and Ariel are the names of the palettes and I adore the Emma, Bella, and Ariel palettes for having different color schemes. The five remaining palettes contain a lot of neutrals and the browns are too similar for my taste but I plan to get them anyway and test them to do a review and swatches.
Sorry this was a longer article but at least the cosmetic roundups are back, right? Which launch is your favorite? I personally can’t wait to try the Princess palettes from Beauty Creations. Drop a comment and be sure to subscribe to The Trendy Wallet for more roundups and other blog stuff. You can also follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest!
Photo Credits:
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